How to Find Sources of Content Topics

One of the biggest frustrations of content marketers is coming up with quality topic ideas on a consistent basis. A robust content strategy includes inbound marketing tactics like article marketing, blogging, social media networking, whitepaper and EBook distribution, and webinars. After awhile it sometimes gets to the point of wondering, “OK, what do I write about now? I’ve already covered everything.” Well, chances are pretty good that that’s not true. Content writing goes hand in hand with marketing, but it’s important to look to other departments of the company for inspiration.

The first place to start is with the customer service department. Customer service reps are the ones that deal with the customers on a daily basis via telephone, email, online chat, and in some cases, social media. They get paid to listen and respond to customer questions, concerns, and complaints.

The customer service department has the best understanding of what customers want to know. Any issue that a customer service rep faces can be turned into content in some form. If a customer has difficulty assembling a product that you make, create and promote an instructional video demonstrating how to assemble that product. If numerous customers have a common complaint, address the issue in a blog post.

Listen to what your customers are saying and create content based on their input. Request that the customer service department manager provide you with a list of the most frequently asked questions or common concerns.

The customer service department should be the first place to “hit” for content ideas, but don’t forget about all of the other departments in your company. Chances are pretty good that you don’t have a full understanding of the day to day tasks of fellow employees in other departments.

Potential clients and customers might find this information interesting or beneficial. A thorough analysis of every department and what they do to contribute to the bottom line can create lots of great content.

Another place to look when you’re stuck is the FAQ page of your company website. The answers on this page address the concern, but tend to be pretty basic in nature. You’ve already determined that this is information that people want to know, so take the questions and answers one step further. Provide a more in depth answer to the question.

Sometimes all it takes to come up with new content topics is a little outside the box thinking and creativity. Many content writers are too quick to dismiss an idea because they think that nobody will care, but a good content writer can turn even the most basic information into interesting content!

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