Who Is the Voice of Your Internet Marketing?

One of the most important things to consider before launching any kind of online marketing campaign is who the voice of the campaign should be, meaning who the message should be coming from. Some companies just assume that the message should come from the company name. While this may work for a product based company, it might not be the right approach for a service based company. Prospects that are looking to hire a service provider want to know about the people behind the brand name, the people that they may be working with in the future. They want to put a face to the company name. It helps to build relationships and trust.

Companies that decide that an actual person, instead of the brand, should be the voice of the company have a big decision to make. This person’s name will be included on all content produced online for marketing purposes including email newsletters, article submissions, blog posts, and social media profiles. This means that all of that brand equity is being held by one person. It’s a big responsibility.

So how do you decide who it should be? The safest bet is to use the name of a person that holds an important title and that will stay with the company for the long haul. This may be impossible to determine, but good candidates are Presidents, Founders, and CEOs. In some cases, the VP of Marketing may also be appropriate. One thing is for sure, you don’t want your brand name to be represented by an intern that will be gone in a few months.

In the case of small businesses, it’s important to only choose one person and keep it consistent across all marketing channels. If there are too many people representing the brand it could be confusing, lead to oversaturation, and increases the chances that some of that brand equity will be lost if someone leaves. Seeing one name promotes brand recognition. In a large corporation, there is room for more than one voice. Large companies often have numerous departments and department heads that specialize in one component of the company. In this scenario it’s OK to have more than one person representing the brand because they can represent the various divisions or product lines. This allows target audience members to “follow” the person who is most relevant to their needs or interests.

The web has become a social place and people want to connect with other people. Using a person to represent your brand has many benefits as long as the strategy is used properly.

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