iPhone beating Android in paid-for apps war

Apple is still taking the lion’s share of the paid-for Apps market leaving Google’s Android floundering in the water, according to a report by top UK app design firm, Nice Agency.

The iphone currently remains the market leader in terms of the amount of paid apps on offer - almost three times more than Android currently offers.

“Consumers are willing to pay for Apple apps because they believe they're good value for money,” said co-MD of Nice Agency, Ryan Hall but argued that its success has been down to more than canny marketing: “Apple has a dominant market share in paid-for apps, not because of clever marketing but because they were immediately successful in providing apps that people wanted and were prepared to pay for.”

However, the news may cause more of a sting to Android considering that Apple has just upped their prices, going from 59 pence to 69 pence an app. Hall concluded that while Android offers a wealth of apps to choose from, users are just simply not prepared to shell out their cold, hard cash.

But with Android set to pip the iPhone to the post in terms of the sheer volume of apps on offer, is there time yet to knock Apple off its throne? “Until Android starts generating a significant number of highly popular paid-for downloads, they cannot begin to influence the market price of apps, either in the US, the UK or around the world,” added Hall.

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