Ad execs still clinging to crumbling cookie methods as creatives look to the future – survey

The move by Google to end third-party cookies by 2022 has caused something of a difference of opinion in certain marketing sectors, according to a new study.

The report, from Mymyne, a provider of contextual audience optimisation, which polled 100 senior marketing professionals, found that while almost two in five (39%) respondents in creative roles felt as though the impact of Google’s move would be ‘highly...

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Isolation doesn't have to be isolating: How brands can use their time wisely in the time of Covid-19

Nobody has to be reminded that the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to sweep across the world, represents a challenge for everyone. In the UK, for instance, the Prime Minister has asked the population to avoid offices and travelling - more than and many business leaders have asked their teams to ‘self-isolate’ and work from home. There’s a real siege mentality, and often in this kind of situation you feel like battening down the...

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How Sophola is looking to raise Japan’s digital marketing expertise to the world level

The digital marketing landscape in Asia right now is a fascinating one. While there may still be a degree of nascency compared to Western markets, trends and strategies are developing quickly. According to a study from eConsultancy in April – ‘The Omnichannel Imperative’ – enterprises in Southeast Asia saw real-time marketing as their highest priority, alongside omnichannel delivery and engagement.

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Where brands now sit amid Covid-19: Intimacy at scale in a time of crisis

Social noise is getting louder. The big social media platforms from Instagram, YouTube to Facebook have become overly saturated with content, they may be a staple for digital marketing and advertising, but it is increasingly difficult to target an audience on these platforms.

Those brands that are rising to the top are the ones that are continually refining their unique social footprint,...

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Why your web team needs an invite to your strategy meetings now

I’ll give it to you straight: It is imperative that you invite your web team to your marketing strategy meetings. Your company’s website is one of its most valuable customer-facing marketing assets, so your website operations need to get serious about how web design enhances your marketing efforts.

New channels, new social media platforms, and other trends will come and go — and it will be important for your marketing team to experiment through each. But your company needs to reach its...

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AI for programmatic is great – but tragedy shows us why human judgement remains vital

Artificial intelligence has been an indispensable tool for programmatic ad buying. But algorithms can’t always tell the difference between positive and negative sentiment — you need a human for that.

This was brought home to me in the days following Kobe Bryant’s death in January. The tragic event spurred a

From development to deployment: Why the future of media and entertainment lies in the cloud

In the last few years, entertainment giants such as Apple and Disney have woken up to the revenue potential of the streaming service market that Netflix has long dominated. They’ve directed huge volumes of capital in their quest to seize market share, with Disney’s streaming business alone now worth a staggering $100 billion

It’s an...

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Not in a silent way: How Jazzed launch represents alternative to ‘all-you-can-eat’ streaming culture

Have you ever been in a position where you’re on the well-known video streaming platform of choice and find yourself utterly unable to decide what to watch next? The algorithm and lazy load web design is happily combining to give you suggestion after suggestion, but nothing seems to fit.

If so, you’re not the only one to have the same feelings. For those saturated by the era of all-you-can-eat for £9.99 in the music industry, there are...

Four key ways a brand can set up an army of employee advocates

It’s important for businesses to tap into the power of their people – and how they possess a deeper understanding of customer needs – as well as the type of digital comms they want to interact with.

Empowering staff can transform a firm’s online presence and ROI too, because customers often trust those they know over an organisation’s marketing messages. 

Stop hurting yourself, SEO: Why the industry needs to get its house in order – quickly

Opinion Marketing is coming to terms with a new world order. Until last year, that looked like a gradual but fairly smooth transition. In 2019, two of its industries took a beating.

One was advertising. The other was SEO. While the advertising industry was being attacked, by and large, by aggressors outside its control – an increasingly fragmented media landscape, its own increasing fragmentation,...

How to build a truly integrated marketing campaign – in six simple steps

Marketers are faced with a world of conflicting information, and it’s often supplied without evidence or an agenda. So, who should industry professionals trust when it comes to knowing exactly how to deliver messaging that works?

Not every marketing department will be utilising the powers of a great email campaign, but even for those that don’t, simple principles still apply.

The key digital marketing pitfalls tech startups need to avoid: A guide

There are few things more difficult than starting your own business. Studies show that as many as 60% of firms close their doors within three years.

For those of us in the startup world, the same question often arises: what causes the downfall of so many promising businesses? Well, the relative strength of the core proposition is undoubtedly the most important determinant of success, with research showing as many as

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CMO evolution: Understanding the need for change but fearing not keeping up

CMOs have a problem. Their role is changing, from exploring customer engagement and adding to the sales pipeline, to one of more consistent growth. Yet a new report warns that a potential recession has led to an overall negative feeling among marketing chiefs.

Chief Outsiders polled more than 50 of its CMO consultants – executives with senior experience at Fortune 500 level now working at mid-sized organisations – last...

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Why ad agencies need to foster ‘why’ rather than ‘what’ cultures

The concept of a company culture has been around since at least the 1950s, when the psychoanalyst Dr. Elliott Jaques described the behaviour of manufacturing workers in The Changing Culture of a Factory. But it’s only in the last 10 years that the world of business truly started to think of culture as a key factor in the success or failure of a company. Now, some organisations even have chief culture officers—a gesture of how important culture has become.

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Content versus context: Which one really matters more for mobile advertisers?

As consumers become increasingly comfortable making in-app purchases while on their mobiles, there can be little doubt that mobile will continue to be the backbone of online advertising. 

Despite the dominance of the likes of Facebook and Google in the digital ad market, there is still room aplenty for more targeted and tailored advertising to suit the in-app audience. Research...

Instagram best practice for 2020: Focus on comments in a post-like landscape – and try ‘nano-influencers’

If you’re a brand, is it better to not be on Instagram at all, or doing Instagram badly?

Let’s face it: some people are simply better with words than they are with pictures. While some industries may not lend themselves immediately to certain media – this reporter is reminded of Sage, who

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Identifying the content marketing sweet spot – and how to find it

The PR and content marketing team at connective3 are drawn to campaigns that they see from other brands (not just our clients), and when looking at these campaigns one of the following thoughts pass our minds:

  • Awesome campaign all round, great results, wish I’d thought of it
  • That campaign was super on-brand but not many very entertaining or inspiring
  • That was a great campaign but I just don’t fully get the relevance to the brand
  • That was a really great campaign, super relevant to the brand, it’s a shame it didn’t get...

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What you really ought to know about ad-blocking users – and why they’re swerving your ads

The importance of ads for the sustainability of a free internet ecosystem cannot be stressed enough and will only grow as internet penetration increases globally. According to research global internet ad spending will increase 11.1% in 2020 to $326 billion, capturing 52% of ad spending.

The arrival...

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Advanced messaging is on its way: Why brands should be excited

It’s been over 25 years since the first text message was sent, but mobile users’ love affair with messaging shows no sign of slowing down. Since the mid-2000s, WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter and many others have transformed person-to-person (P2P) messaging.

The estimated numbers are staggering. Tim Cook said in 2014 that Apple handled 40 billion iMessage notifications daily. WhatsApp users sent an average of 65 billion messages per day in 2018.

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