Gen Z is the nastiest generation with online reviews

46% of Brits say they wouldn’t buy a product or service from a company if a review said it was of poor quality, a survey from small business credit card company Capital on Tap has revealed.

To help business owners, the survey sheds light on what causes people to leave reviews - both positive and negative - as well as the cities across the UK are the most likely to leave negative feedback. 

The full research can be viewed here:...

3.3 million fake reviews removed in 2023, as total reviews surged to a record 54 million

Smiley faces with a tick next to a happy face.

Trustpilot, the global online consumer review platform, has released its latest Transparency Report, showcasing its efforts to uphold trust between businesses and consumers during a record year for reviews published on the platform.  

In 2023, 54 million reviews were published on Trustpilot globally, a 17% increase from 2022. Meanwhile, over a million businesses were reviewed, one-fifth of them for the first time, helping consumers make informed purchasing...

The secret to pulling off “doing more with less”

We hear it again and again: “Do more with less.” But what’s the secret to pulling it off?  

While "do more with less" has become a marketing mantra, as the VP of Product Marketing at Siteimprove, the platform that enables companies to optimise their marketing and websites, my focus is slightly unconventional: I want marketers to commit to martech as the tool to make good on the mantra. When I present the topic at Digital World Marketing Forum, I'll discuss how...