Using AI to license content directly from social media

It can be a laborious process to find the right image for your brand or campaign. Meanwhile, social media is an almost endless source of authentic and engaging content.

Lobster helps companies access this almost infinite resource.

The company, which was founded in 2013, allows content creators to plug their social accounts into the Lobster platform to allow brands to access their images and videos.

The company can also reach out to creators of unlisted content. Creators get 75% of the purchasing revenue....

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Why brands should avoid the VR bandwagon

Over the past three years, VR has evolved from a lab experiment to a platform for the media and consumers to engage with.

As it grows, more news organisations, marketers and PRs want to get involved to explore new storytelling possibilities. Due to the immersive nature of VR, brands can give people an incredibly powerful experience.

But is it too early for brands to invest in VR?

Digital priorities are based on audience’s needs, and with good quality headsets...

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Is this the end of pre-roll video ads?

The days of the pre-roll video ad are numbered as the digital industry slowly turns its back on this obstructive and ineffective format.

Trendsetter Facebook is maintaining its long-held stance that pre-roll has no place on the social network, despite its imminent rollout of mid-roll ads that will allow content creators to monetise video.

At the same time Google is limiting the use of

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The emotional nuances of the biggest YouTube stars

YouTube offers businesses the ability to connect meaningfully with their audience and build an engaged base of customers and prospects.

The video sharing website has never been more popular.

Today, over three billion hours of videos are watched per month, with an additional 300 hours of videos being added each minute. Yet, out of all the videos uploaded to YouTube, only a very small percentage generate more than a few hundred views; and only an elite few of those ultimately end up going viral.

only an elite few end up...

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What brands need to know about Google Lens

From what we’ve seen so far from this year’s Google I/O conference, it’s clear that Google is betting big on AI, and connecting different technologies.

As part of this, there’s been a strong focus on phones and the mobile experience, as there has been for the past few years.

One of the key features of any phone is the camera – as Snap put it in their IPO documents, the camera is the starting point for a user on mobile, just as the cursor or search box was for desktop. 


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The secret behind effective video ad strategy

Watching video online is no longer the future – it’s here today. 32% of digital video viewers in the UK and US now watch more than 4 hours of digital video every week.

It's no surprise then that video has become one of the most effective ways for brands to engage with their customers.

The good news for marketers is that consumers have become more comfortable with watching branded video content. Our

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User-generated content: Letting your audience tell your story

The dream for any brand is having their audience tell their story for them.

One of our most powerful motivators as consumers is when a friend or someone similar to us recommends something to us. It adds that human element and moves the sales pitch from being something corporate to something personal.

That doesn’t mean hiring a young actor to star in an advert aimed at teenagers will do the job. Modern audiences are far too savvy to fall for that old chestnut.

Instead it’s about bringing real life into your...

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Video streaming leads to data usage rise as Android overtakes Windows

Research by giffgaff has shown that an increase in mobile video streaming is driving a projected 720% rise in global data usage by 2021.

This will see the average individual use 5.07 GB a month by 2021, up from the current 1.72 GB.

Mobile video streaming will see the biggest increase, with giffgaff predicting a rise from 0.58 GB a month to 2.85 GB in 2021.

This is proof that the way consumers are digesting content on their mobile phones is undergoing a drastic shift.

 Other figures from the study:

  • web browsing is projected to rise from 0.29 GB a month in 2016 to...

Is Apple Clips trying to steal Snapchat and Instagram's fire?

Apple's new Clips app is a simple, interactive take on video editing and sharing. Following its recent announcement, tech writers, bloggers, and general enthusiasts have been asking one standout question:

Is Apple trying to one-up Instagram and Snapchat?

With global revenue from mobile apps totalling around $35 billion, competition is getting steeper for app developers, and Apple seems to be upping efforts to stay...

By Emma Risso, 30 March 2017, 1 comment. Categories: Video & Audio Marketing.

Could no audio kill the video star? Analysing a key video marketing trend

Opinion Last Christmas saw some of the most compelling and creative story-driven advertising ever. H&M enlisted Wes Anderson. John Lewis broke away from sentimentality and embraced humour. And Burberry paid big money to get Hollywood A-list actors to tell the story of their founder. Yet, while many of these adverts would have been watched on TV, an unprecedented number of views (and repeat views) were online, on mobile, and without sound. For many brands, that’s a problem. Now every video...

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