The Art of Conversation: avoiding short-termism

Ever taken a short cut? Even though you know it’s a quick fix and that you’re probably storing up problems for further down the line? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

Like that time when you super-glued the kitchen table back together, instead of getting out your toolbox. Or when you bought cheap trousers the day before your holiday, knowing they would likely split before the week was out.

It’s the same at work.

Marketers are often pushed for quick wins and instant results, in...

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The importance of social listening

How do you know people are talking about your brand online, and how to respond to them?

Clutch has surveyed 300 medium and large businesses that are currently using listening tools. They asked what them why they are listening, what they are listening to and the benefits it is bringing them.

Social listening is the process of monitoring specific terms, products and concepts across different social channels.

Improving relationships with their customers was the key objective of 42% of...

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Agency measures brand’s emotional connection to their audiences

Design agency Conran Design Group has partnered with emotion analytics company Adoreboard to study the emotional responses consumers have online to brands.

Focusing on pharmaceutical brands, the study looked at social media to see how people reacted to the interactions they had with  companies.

A complex set of mathematical algorithms were used to measure the emotions expressed by both consumers and brands themselves.

After analysing 44,800 Twitter interactions between patients and 14 global...

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Why B2B marketers should take Facebook seriously

The prevailing attitude amongst digital marketers has seemingly been that Facebook is good for B2C but not worth it for B2B.

The assumption here is that most users don’t want to be bothered by or want to share work-related posts on Facebook.

While B2B social media efforts are usually focused on Twitter and LinkedIn, there is evidence that Facebook ads deliver the best return on investment....

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LinkedIn beefs up Sales Navigator for enterprise

LinkedIn has released an enterprise edition of its Sales Navigator tool.

The company hope that the new features, which it says is aimed at ‘high-functioning sales organisations’, will help businesses make use of Linkedin user data to create better leads.

As well as the new edition, LinkedIn has bolstered the already available professional and team editions.

There are three new features aimed at enterprises.

TeamLink Extend 

Previously, a company looking to create a good introduction to a lead...

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Top five tips for carrying out social media insights

When it comes to social media insights there’s so much more than simply looking at total number of mentions, potential impressions and machine learnt sentiment, but with the vast amount of data available it can all be a little daunting.  

To help you on your way here’s five simple tips to guide you on our social media insights best practice and to hopefully break down some “barriers” in order to enrich your insights experience.

Know what you want to get out of the insights


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A guide to making the most of your own digital tools: Email, social, and more

Developing a free digital tool that offers value to your customers can be great for your business. A useful tool can make you indispensible, more visible and present your business as an industry authority. They also are great for SEO by increasing site traffic and when used for link acquisition.

Online tools appear in all sorts of industries, from tools for improving your digital marketing efforts, payroll calculators, or tools that helps you visualise the bedroom you want to decorate before you buy the...

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Don’t leave your social media data trapped in walled gardens

Opinion A few years ago it seemed the rise of apps was unstoppable. With smartphones and tablets attached to everyone’s palm, the implications for marketers seemed clear: As consumers spend more time in apps and social media on their mobile devices, this is where marketers’ ad spend should be concentrated.

When the main apps competing for our attention are the social media giants, many then began directing spend in this direction, which explains why the IAB’s latest figures showed a

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How social media storms, Brexit and GDPR are impacting marketers’ efforts

Social media is giving consumers more power to effect change over brands, while marketers feel as though there is more pressure on brands to ‘behave ethically and provide a role model for society’.

That is the verdict from a new study conducted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), who polled more than 100 members on challenges and opportunities facing marketers in 2017.

When it came to handling whatever social media could throw at them, one in five (21%) respondents said they would find...

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Why marketers have to engage with the right content – and build emotional connections

The entertainment award season is now in full swing; brands are embracing real-time marketing and gearing up for social war rooms. Marketers are increasingly realising the value of engaging with customers ‘in the moment’ as events unfold so they can be part of the conversation and ride relevant trends.

Timing is absolutely key and the availability of marketing tech tools and data has enabled marketers to make intelligent decisions around when it is best to activate content and reach audiences in...