Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories: not a case of either/or

Having already established itself as the go-to platform for aspirational images and videos that satisfy the voyeur in us all, Instagram has officially mastered ephemeral content. It has now overtaken Snapchat in the daily user stakes by almost 100 million (250 million versus 166 million respectively).

So should brands jump ship and ditch Snapchat for Instagram Stories?

Not so fast. Snapchat and Instagram are different beasts and offer brands different opportunities. It’s not a case of either or,...

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What makes the perfect selfie?

In the world of social media influencers, a good selfie is worth its weight in gold. A well-executed selfie can be the difference between plain, old narcissism and a genius bit of self-promotion.

But what elevates a humble picture of your own face into a powerful engagement tool that gets people sharing, liking and commenting?

A research paper set to appear in the European Journal of Marketing claims to have distilled the essence of the perfect selfie into three...

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Qatar Airways scores a viral hit

Qatar Airways has managed to go viral with its latest social media campaign, which has been viewed by a massive 54 million people.

As usual with this kind of campaigns, it is unlikely to be just the advertising message that has contributed to the widespread visibility of the campaign. The secret to viral success remains hard to pin down.

The ‘No Borders, Only Horizons’ video has so far been watched 50 million times on the company’s Facebook page,...

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Should marketers be casting our net more broadly?

For the past several years, media would lead us to believe the big opportunity for building our brands is with the Millennial generation. Article after article shows an unending fascination with their lifestyle and media usage habits.

New agencies have sprung up proclaiming expertise in digital marketing. Many of them appear to be successful – at least in terms of making money. And this, after decades of not being able to crack ‘online advertising’.

is our fascination with this new world of...

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Is there a future for marketing? The change will come quicker than we think

There is no future for marketing.

AI, VR, VRS, holography, real-time marketing, branded apps, brand-based gaming, interactives, drones (UAVs), wearables, personalisation, targeted video content, autonomous technologies, expanded and manufactured social media networks, marketing technologies and data scientists. All will be (are and have been) slowly deconstructing, destroying what we today call marketing.

In its place will be a hybrid, a fusion, and a convergence of life experience, narrative, storytelling,...

How CX is spearheading marketing transformation

The changing expectations of the customer is forcing many organisations to rethink how they market their brands, their goods and their services. How they are going about this could be referred to as marketing transformation. Akin to digital transformation, marketing transformation is concerned with bringing value to customers via a better and fuller customer experience (CX).

To provide better CX, you need to create a holistic and unified experience...

Surviving the influencer marketing gold rush: 6 lessons from B2B tech marketers

Influencer marketing has become top of mind for every CMO. But while the road to success seems clearly paved for consumer-facing brands, many B2B organizations are struggling to formulate a framework to adopt influencer marketing in a meaningful way.

Since I wrote Return on Influence in 2012, the practice of influencer marketing has evolved significantly.

Many of the early adopters from five years ago having grown into mature, sophisticated influencer marketing programs.

B2B marketing is at a crossroads


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Strong and Stable vs. The Many – UK election PPC strategies analysed

When Theresa May called for a snap general election to be held on Thursday 8th June 2017, the major UK political parties were left with little time to prepare and implement their campaign strategies.

Whilst each party presented very different manifestos to how they would govern the UK, one thing the two major political parties, Labour and The Conservatives did agree on was to invest in search marketing, competing to get their adverts positioned at the top of search engine results pages (SERP).


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Influencer marketing - is the hype justified?

Influencer marketing is one of 2017’s hottest topics, and one of the fastest growing segments in marketing.

It has been proven that influencer marketing offers a much higher return than conventional media channels. This does not come as a surprise though, as the new stars of social media, the so-called influencers, have an important impact on the purchasing decisions of their followers.

Their loyal community of fans trusts the recommendations of their...

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