How the digital marketing industry is closing the skills gap

The digital marketing industry has been caught up in the midst of an on-going cross-industry digital skills gap over the last few years. With thousands of extra workers required to fulfil demand it’s imperative that the industry take steps to help close this gap from within.

Last year a Government report highlighted the gulf between the number of skilled workers in Britain compared to both the required sum and the state of the rest of the...

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49% of consumers willing to pay more for a brand with positive values

In a crowded marketplace, consumers are developing ways to choose between the multitudes of brands clamouring for their attention.

While cost and quality are obvious ways of distinguishing between competing companies, a study by UK agency MediaCom seems to point towards social values as being a key factor in consumer choices.

Of the 2,000 UK consumers surveyed as part of the study, 40% have stopped using a brand (or never used it in the first place) because of its values or behaviours. 63% believe that brands...

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Could Snapchat decide the UK’s snap election?

On June 8th, Britain will go back to the polls for another general election.

Fortunately, the dull grind of another campaign trail has been made that little bit more bearable by another round of political trolling and internet memes.

We’ve seen Photoshop mock-ups of Theresa May addressing hysterical North Koreans on a recent visit to Leamington Spa and even Jeremy Corbyn stepping out of a Bentley in all white mink.

But what has been most interesting in the snap election is the increasingly import role...

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Snapchat parent company loses almost 25% of its value

Snap Inc, the parent company of Snapchat, lost almost a quarter of its value on when its newly listed shares dropped nosedived on Wednesday.

The company had reported a loss of $2.2 billion and slowing growth. Revenue was $149.7 million.  

The announcement was the first earnings publication since the company made its initial public offering (IPO) in March. The company was valued at $28 billion at the time.

Snap’s adjusted loss of $188.2...

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Marketers consistently overestimate success of ad campaigns - Adobe Digital

Marketers and consumers have different ideas about what constitutes relevant online advertising, and the gap is growing according to Adobe Digital Insights.

The research, based on data from over 1000 consumers and 300 marketers in Western Europe, found that many marketers are overestimating the success of their campaigns.

In Germany for instance, 69% of marketers report that they are delivering relevant ads, while only 49% of consumers agreed.

In the UK the picture is a little more pessimistic. Just under...

Half of SMEs seek marketing advice from peers

Businesses that collaborate with their peers feel more confident as a result, according to the latest Future of Business Survey.

The survey of over 200,000 SMEs from over 40 countries is a part of an ongoing project between Facebook, the OECD and World Bank.

52% of respondents said that they learn from other businesses, while 72% use online searches.

This collaborative mindset leads to an increased sense of confidence. 53% of those that share knowledge with their peers feel more confident about the short-term...

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Hashtag trademarking rises 64% in one year

A memorable and well-timed hashtag can be the difference between a well-received campaign and one that peters out without much notice.

It is perhaps unsurprising then, that a growing number of brands are turning to trademark law to stop others building off their past success.

There has been a 64% global growth in the trademarking of hashtags since 2016, according to trademark research company CompuMark.

The first application to trademark a hashtag was made in 2010. Since then there have been over 5,000...

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LinkedIn reaches 500 million users

LinkedIn has announced that its global membership has now reached half a billion.

The social network for professionals has also revealed that London is the most connected city in the world.

Membership spreads over 200 countries, 10 million active jobs, 9 million companies and around 100,000 articles published weekly.

To celebrate the milestone, the network has released some data about its usership.

Most connected countries

1. United Arab Emirates

2. Netherlands

3. Singapore

4. United Kingdom

5. Denmark


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User-Generated Content: risks and rewards

Social media strategies can be tricky. In fact, that almost 60% of respondents participating in the Duke University Fuqua School of Business CMO Survey don’t believe their firm’s social media marketing strategy is that effective.

Perhaps it’s because of the constantly-changing landscape and the fast pace of technology, perhaps it’s because they don’t know what works. Nielsen reports show that

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Working with influencers: monetizing social dialogue

At one time, TV was advertising's golden child in reaching the masses. You would create a commercial, hold the door open, and welcome consumers as they came to you.

But that was then.

Today, your customers (especially Millennials) crave two-way brand interactions. If you want to generate organic conversations around your brand, discover influencer marketing.

People and Their Secrets

We all love a good secret, which is why “Hey, have you heard about this?” gets our...

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