Social Media Timing Factors

Social media has forever changed the way businesses interact with their consumers. Social networks allow customers to express their opinions about a product or service in real time and broadcast it to their online network. Tweets and posts are shared around the world in a matter of seconds, putting your company’s name in front of an even bigger audience. Customers demand one-on-one interaction with brands, large and small, through social networks.

A well organized social media marketing campaign can...

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Nick's top Blog Posts to Read for July 21, 2011

Below you will find our favorite blog posts that are related to SEO, search engine marketing and social media marketing from this past week. Please feel free to visit each, we hope you find them as helpful as we do! Want to Build Your Email List? Follow These Steps. This post includes ways to build your email list with the help of your current customers.

Find people on Google Plus

I came across a really useful tool this afternoon called Find People on Google Plus and guess what, that’s exactly what it helps you do. The website currently has just under 4 and a half million users who are searchable, and this tool allows you to search through all the users for a word of your choice.

I immediately performed a search on “SEO” to hopefully find some new potentials for the SEO...

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Crowd sourcing your music video #vaccinesvideo

Sony have come up with a digital marketing campaign, which aims to fuel the music video of The Vaccines new single called Wetsuit. The idea is fairly straight forward, but definitely something new:

The public are able to submit photographs in real-time by simply shooting and tagging with the hashtag #vaccinesvideo on Instagram. The director of the movie is going to then source all the content for the music video from what the public submit.

I’m a big fan of user generated content, I feel that it gives...

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GMail notifications in Google+

A new Chrome plugin has been released which integrates GMail and Google+, providing you with notifications when you receive new emails on your GMail account. I’ve said it before, “Google’s tying everything together finally, all small apps becoming one” and this is just another step in that direction for me.

I’m seeing a lot of people enjoying Google+, I’ve read articles on why Google+ is better than Facebook and we published an article right here on iMod about

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Don’t Be a Twitter Quitter

As with any social networking strategy, one of the most important things to keep in mind when creating a Twitter account and strategy for business is that it’s built for the long term. Some companies claim to understand this, but it turns out that they really don’t. They go in full force with all of the best intentions, and then within a few months their presence starts to drop off until all that’s left is an archive of dated tweets.

It’s like all of those people signing up for gym...

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Brands' lack of social media subtlety is 'anti-social'

Marketers aren’t using social media intelligently enough, failing to adapt their social media strategies to the subtle cultural nuances of different social networks, according to a leading social media commentator.

Brand marketers' inability to grasp the differences between the platforms means that they are failing to connect with customers, said Altimeter research principal Brian Solis in Monte Carlo this week; they're simply firing out the same messaging across all networks in a way that is virtually...

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10 Quick Google+ Tips and Tricks

With Google+ invites being distributed more freely, it’s really awesome to see more people joining in. One of the most important factors of a social network is that it gets adopted and used by all your friends and the people you like to follow and stay connected to.

The awesome thing about Google+ is that you can add anyone that’s on the network to one of your Circles and follow them. Another bonus is that they will never know which Circle they’re in, potentially saving users from insulting...

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