Mobile advertising: Analysing paid search on smartphones and tablets

The popularity of smartphones and tablets has rapidly increased over the past few years, and this huge change in how people are using – and searching – the internet has forced businesses to improve and adapt their marketing strategies. Those companies who ignore the potential of mobile platforms for their business could end up losing a lot of their customers as they flock to other firms who can offer them what they want, when they want it – which, with mobiles and tablets, is all the time. Customers even...

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How do you build your authority on Google+?

By Amy@BubbleJobsAlthough still regarded by many as the ghost town of the social world, Google+ is quickly picking up a loyal following and is becoming ever more popular by the day thanks to its clean layout, ease of use and dedicated communities - in fact, if you take a closer look at Facebook and YouTube’s new redesigns, you’ll notice more than a passing resemblance to Google+’s image-heavy look and style!

Now, it’s no secret that hear at Bubble we’re one of the few outspoken fans of Google+. We’ve already...

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Analysing the impact of Google+ on SEO

How are you going to ever get traffic to your website, if you don’t have a Google+ profile? Sounds a little extreme, I know, but read on.

Ever since Eric Schmidt (Google’s CEO) was quoted as saying “Information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification“, it has had site owners rushing to their local SEOs to make sure they don’t get hit.

It’s when he says “The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance” that...

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SEOs stand by: More Google updates on the way

If you’re an SEO you’re probably having a relaxing time at the moment. I mean, the last major Panda update was more than seven weeks ago and the last Penguin update was nearly five months ago, so apart from a link network update a couple of weeks ago you’ve not really had all that much to worry about… until now!

Yep, I’m sorry to say your period of R&R is about to come to an end because (drum roll please!)… more Google updates are on the way. Yep, you read that right...

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Facebook Graph Search: Considerations for advertisers

Facebook has announced its new search functionality, called Graph Search. Graph Search enables users to expand their searches on Facebook beyond just pages and entities.  Users can now search names, categories and phrases, and search results include information that the searcher’s friends have shared (like people, photos, interests, places, “Likes”). To illustrate, a user can search “Chicago restaurants my friends like” to...

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Why guest blogs can be your brand’s best friend

Since the Google Penguin update hit earlier this year, online marketers have been faced with a simple choice: go ethical, go high-quality, or go home. 

Black-hat techniques such as keyword stuffing, duplicated content and link bombing were heavily penalised by Panda and Penguin – with many search queries affected. What this means today is that it’s more important than ever for a website to feature good quality, regularly-updated content and links from reputable, relevant sources.


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