Are handwritten notes the original social media?

More personal than social media...It’s impossible to ignore the Social Media crusade. Perhaps you received business through Social Media contacts and activity. I admit that I’ve made interesting new contacts, renewed old friendships and generated business through social media.
However, I’ve received a lot more business and recognition from sending hand written notes. The two best messages to send via hand written note are thank you and congratulations. Thank you for your business,...

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The benefits of a company page on LinkedIn

Over 100 million professionals are following more than 1.9 million companies on LinkedIn. Consider for a moment your business profile…

The reason for following companies on LinkedIn is to stay in the loop with new developments, compare products and services, track potential business opportunities, and keep an eye out for job  openings. Members are notified of such developments via network updates or emails. When members want to know more about your company, they look to your Company Page on...

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SME marketing strategies from Steve Jobs


Could Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, head of a huge, multi-national technology company, teach an experienced small business owner a thing or two about marketing? Could he ever...

In fact, the tenets Jobs used to sell hundreds of millions of consumer electronics devices, billions of music downloads, and create one of the world's leading movies studios, apply just as well to Joe's Transmissions or South Coast Pizza as they do for any other business.

They should be required in every college...

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Did “Call Me Maybe” and social media really change music marketing?

Are social media tactics “upending” the music industry, or are they simply becoming recognised as part of an integrated multi-platform approach to marketing? 

Summer’s pretty much over, but the beat, as they say, goes on.

Don’t think that those summertime music hits (or earworms, depending on your taste...I’m looking at you Gotye) are going away anytime soon. I’ve talked before about what the music industry gets right...

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The digital mob mentality and dealing with negative online PR

Do not feed the trollsI can't explain where it comes from, but somewhere rooted deep within the human genetic makeup is the need to argue. For some, this desire runs deeper than others.

I’m sure psychologists will break it down to being raised in a broken home, or being abused in the playground, or something equally as miserable, and I’m sure all of these things would taint a person.

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Building credibility, value and trust on a shoestring

Setting priorities in your business? Your first job is to sell. Selling is: writing the orders, receiving the cash, feeding the beast. If you don't sell, the beast (your business) will die. The impact of selling is immediate. You may love it, but it is a beast. You need to feed it and control it. Your second priority is marketing. Marketing is taming and grooming the beast. Marketing is everything that makes it easier to sell. Marketing is about sending messages, and everything you do or don't do sends a...

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How ‘loyal’ are you in the eyes of your customers?

“Customer loyalty is the single most important driver of growth and profitability.” – The Harvard Business Review

It’s obvious that brand loyalty is hugely important! But why? Well everyone knows thats it’s so much harder to find new customers than to retain existing ones. A true brand loyal customer, through “WOM” (word of mouth), can get their friends and family to switch brands in an instant.

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