Digital marketing skills show positive growth but sector demands outpace professional development 

Core digital skills marketers rely on have improved but that the growing demands of new and evolving technologies are contributing to a skills gap across the majority of industries. 

This is according to research published by the training body Target Internet, in association with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

This year’s report analyses data from more than 10,000 marketing professionals, gathered between 2018 to 2023 and highlights key short and...

Consenting adults – ensuring images don’t cost millions

A man gently tossing a camera in the air.

A photographer’s $12 million lawsuit against video game developer and publisher Capcom has highlighted the importance of digital consent management. US photographer Judy Juracek sued the Japanese games developer Capcom for damages, alleging that Capcom used approximately 80 of her images without her consent, breaching copyright law.

This news may send shivers down the spines of marketers, designers and HR teams, as they wonder if all digital assets within their firms, be they...

How to monetise your training content using LMS

Four £20 notes.

When we think about training content, our focus is on investing in the employee's future. 

You are determined to create content on your online learning management system (LMS) in order to learn and grow as an individual and professional. Eventually, it improves the efficiency, performance and longevity of your team members in the workplace. You can monetise the training content and diversify considerable returns on the initial investment. But, if you’re not sure how it's...

The end of third-party cookies: How it will affect advertisers and publishers

Longread Chrome and Chromium-based browsers will stop supporting third-party cookies in 2022, which will affect everyone in the advertising industry. Traditional digital advertising and monetisation methods will become less effective or even stop working altogether.

In this article, I’ll explain why third-party cookies are getting canceled, how this will affect publishers and advertisers, and what you need to do now so that these changes won’t affect your ad...

Why you need to ensure your content works as hard as it can

Content now needs to work harder than ever to cut through the noise, resonate with the right people and impact on the bottom line.

Quality content that empathises with and engages audiences is a must to drive conversations, deliver unrivalled experiences and increase conversions. With so many brands leveraging content in one form or another, playing the long game is crucial if marketers are to make meaningful connections and create powerful content that converts in a space where...

How marketers can ensure they’re not caught by another Australia-style Google crisis

Over the past month, Australia has caused widespread disruption across the digital advertising industry. Following the government’s decision to introduce a new law to solve a long-established row over whether tech giants should pay for news that appears in search or is shared on their platforms, Google threatened to pull out of the country altogether.

Since the threat, Google has cooled down and inked deals with News Corp and Nine Entertainment - the two biggest companies to...

How to tackle the five trickiest elements of a website overhaul

Depending on what your company does, its website falls somewhere between extremely important and everything to your business. For a global brand, maintaining a website that feels modern and that appropriately reflects the company’s purpose and voice is an ongoing task. And sometimes, it requires a major rethink. Is that a disaster waiting to happen? Only if you don’t plan for it properly.

A great website relaunch requires you to be equal parts creative and project manager....

How to create a private mobile media gathering ecosystem

Sponsored Many brands and media teams have a growing need to collect, distribute and store digital content received from community members, internal personnel, content freelancers, brand ambassadors or influencers.

The digitally innovative brands, such as Red Bull, that have established their own private mobile media gathering ecosystems, are able to request, categorise and preview digital media, collaborate and operate more efficiently.

As an organisation, it makes...

Content creators: Here’s how to monetise digital content effectively

Sponsored If you’re a digitally transformed organisation in the brand, publishing or broadcasting space, or any digital content creator for that matter, chances are you’ve discovered that while having a digital content strategy and a platform to share it is one thing, monetising all that great content is another matter.

For digital content creators, monetising digital content is the last great hurdle on the journey to sustainability, with traditional revenue-generating...

Three key ways the Covid-19 pandemic has changed digital advertising strategies

Covid-19 has changed a lot of things about the world in a very short amount of time. It has completely transformed the way that we interact with others, work, travel, and do just about every daily activity. It should come as no surprise that it has impacted marketing as well – and yet many companies have done little to nothing to adjust their digital marketing strategies as a response to the pandemic.

According to a report from Advertiser Perceptions, one-third of advertisers...