The particular challenges of marketing luxury brands

Luxury brands occupy a unique position within the digital marketing landscape, and can provide interesting insight into how the one-size-fits all approach to selling yourself on the internet is not always effective.

What makes a brand count as ‘luxury’? Is it the quality of the design or of the materials used? A little bit, but if these were the only criteria then any well-made smartphone or pair of trainers would count. The key to luxury when it comes to marketing is the idea of exclusivity, the...

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Turning full circle on voice: it’s time for brands to be seen and heard

Voice is fast becoming a chief differentiator for brands. Where Firefox has just integrated new voice search plug-ins to regain a competitive edge, non-tech companies including Ryanair have unveiled integration with Alexa enabling customer to search for flights, hotels and flight status via its website.

While Alexa occupies the headlines, voice can feel somewhat distant to consumers who have...

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Blazing a trail: brand evangelism at scale

We all have our list of favourite, go-to brands - those companies that we’d never stray from. It’s incredible how they take us on a path from casual customer to being so fiercely loyal that we find ourselves preaching to others about how amazing their product or service is.

One of my personal favourites that I always talk about is SuitSupply, mostly because I struggle to find the time to shop. SuitSupply takes away the stress of shopping with their level of personal, smart, social service...

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The four myths of customer engagement

Customer engagement is critical for brands. If you’re in the game of trying to build better relationships with your customers, you’re on point. Learning what your customers want and then giving it to them; building brand loyalty and advocacy to foster customers for life. What’s not critical about that?

At Thunderhead, we define customer engagement as an ongoing, value-driven relationship between a customer and a business, which is consciously motivated according to the customer’s...

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What can brands learn from the #WalkersWave and Burger King “OK Google” campaigns?

You can’t go very far within the world of marketing and brands without hearing the latest buzzword – personalisation. Everything is about personalisation, and with advances in technology and the use of data, marketing is becoming increasingly personalised and social. Many brands are already making the most of this shift by creating innovative and engaging campaigns which allow consumers to interact with the content.

However, as last week’s National Lottery campaign for the World Athletics...

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Why marketing technology should be less intrusive

Smartphones, autonomous vehicles, voice-controlled assistants – the wonders of the digital age are plentiful and growing. Too bad we’re constantly distracted by them.

Not only does research suggest that the average person checks their phone 150 times a day, but conditions like nomophobia – the fear of going without your device – are well documented.

People are now constantly connected, yet technology is increasingly seen as a distraction. Being relaxed and being connected are, for...

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How to stand out when personalisation is the norm

Consumers have come to expect personalisation as standard.

From offers to recommendations of products, the average consumer’s social media feed and email inbox is crammed full of communications from a wide range of businesses, all vying for their custom. But they want brands to make them feel like an individual, rather than just another customer.

By giving customers something that they want to receive brands can improve conversion rates and encourage brand loyalty. So far, so simple. But working out the...

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The bots are coming: examples from food, automotive, cosmetics and fashion

For all the ongoing discussion about AI stealing our jobs – it’s already very much here.

In particular, AI is prevalent on the computers in our pockets, our phones. 72% of US smartphone users now use 6 apps daily - and AI has well and truly infiltrated them – with voice assistant and chatbot technology being seamlessly overlaid onto our most used apps.

It’s now paying our car tax and booking our plane tickets. A child born today is essentially AI-native, interacting with Amazon Alexa...

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Five tips for effective personalisation

From handwritten notes to bespoke offers from stores, we pay more attention when people take time to personalise our communications.

A colleague of mine used to record every detail of conversations he had with clients, and would include them in personalised follow-up letters – even to the extent of inquiring how one particular client’s lumbago was.

This particular client found this warmth and attention to detail gratifying and respectful, and his spend with the business reflected this.

Whether you...

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