Customisation: Half of consumers aren't even aware of options


Marketers can discuss customisation and personalisation until they're blue in the face, but unless the consumer feels the benefit, does it even really matter?

Despite the wide variety of options and offers available to them, new research has shown that many UK customers (46%) simply aren't aware they exist.

They survey, carried out by Radius Global Market Research in the US and UK, also found consumers think that brands don't always get customisation efforts right very often - less...

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How to measure ROI from multi-channel marketing


It’s no doubt one of the most used acronyms in the world of marketing – ROI (return on investment).

Understandable, of course. After all, there’s little point undertaking an activity if it doesn’t pay for itself and reap results. It could also be argued that a focus on ROI will become increasingly pressing over the next couple of years, as marketers work to justify their every move in the wake of Brexit uncertainty.

However, measuring ROI isn’t always easy....

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Skyscanner launches beacon campaign for new customer acquisitions

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Global travel search company Skyscanner is hoping to acquire new users through the use of beacon technology in a partnership with Proxama.

It’s launched a multi-channel Nearby and Physical Web consumer engagement campaign with the proximity marketing company, in partnership with Airport Media, Primesight and others.

According to Elise Hilditch, Skyscanner’s marketing manager, Skyscanner chose beacon tech as a way to acquire new customers as it seemed like a good way to...

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The new ways to personalise retail brand experiences


Retail brands are quickly catching on as to how to make the shopping experience individually tailored and therefore more personal for each shopper.

Not only are bricks and mortar stores having to fight back against the rise of the online stores, but shoppers are becoming more discerning about how they shop. They call it is rise of the omni-shopper, a brand new kind of confident consumer who uses technology to educate themselves ahead of the purchasing choices they make.


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How to connect audience planning and audience buying

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Marketers have access to more information about their customers than ever before, but generating usable insights from those mountains of data and launching campaigns quickly remains a major challenge.

Why? Many organisations still struggle to bridge the gap between their customer insights - audience data, market research and intelligence -- and marketing execution, which is look-alike modelling, targeting and advertising.

Audience data often becomes muddied as it’s passed...

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Tumblr on how to engage millennials the right way

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Brands have been chasing the coveted millennial market for years. As true digital natives, millennials’ comfort and fluency in the online world has set them apart.

With an insatiable appetite for digital media, they are the force behind the content revolution taking place in the digital sphere.

Brands have reacted by throwing themselves into digital content production, working to craft content that resonates with millennials.

As a result, 2015 was a record year for content...

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Personalisation: What customers find 'cool' and 'creepy'

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With consumer personalisation becoming even more advanced, it's worth stopping to ask whether your efforts are really adding value to the customer - or, whether they're simply just creepy.

New research from personalisation specialists RichRelevance claims to know exactly what the right level of personalisation is, however, without being overly invasive. Its new Cool or Creepy? report summarises the thoughts of over 2,000 customers in the UK and US when it comes to instore...

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65% of customers now talk to businesses via chat apps

We’re all used to the idea of catching up with the latest in our Whatsapp group chat, but what about sending brand messages through the app?

It’s not as strange an idea as it may seem, according to new research from global trade body Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) and Mblox. 

The report says that 76% of customers have received an SMS message from banks, healthcare and retail brands and a further 65% have engaged with companies via chat apps.

There is a clear...

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How you can use SMS in modern marketing

With the ever-growing use of smartphones, brands would be foolish to overlook the role of SMS in a modern marketing strategy. But this form of marketing tech must form part of a holistic eCRM programme for its value to be truly realised.

The figures are changing all the time, with one staggering statistic being unveiled after another. But whichever headline you hone in on, there can be no disputing the importance of smartphones.

It is predicted that by 2017, for example, 4.77 billion people will have a mobile...

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