How localisation breeds brand loyalty: The key to positive customer experience


Companies are now able to showcase their brand easier than ever before thanks to the advancements in digital marketing. But with this comes increased competition and the tough challenge of capturing and maintaining their audience’s attention amongst the noise. So how can brands be heard on all channels?

Localisation is about more than just translation, it’s about making sure that you take into consideration your audience’s cultural nuances and preferences when...

By Clint Poole, 16 November 2015, 1 comment. Categories: Branding, Customer Experience, Personalised Marketing.

Why location is more crucial than ever – and why brands need to take responsibility


Hitting the right consumer, at the right time with the right message relies principally on one thing – knowing what that customer is doing and therefore the best time to hit them with your marketing message.

This means that location based marketing is increasingly key since that enables such a scenario and a better targeted, more relevant approach as a result. “Marketing teams and tech people have to get together and really understand what their customers are doing, when...

By Liz Morrell, 11 November 2015, 0 comments. Categories: Personalised Marketing.

Marrying data and customer experience: Personification in your marketing strategy


If like me you’re starting to think about your 2016 marketing strategy there are a couple of key statistics you should keep front of mind:

These stats will play an important part in your strategy because today’s ultra-connected consumer expects a brand experience to be centred on their personal preferences. This means that to...

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Why context is the key to unlocking true personalisation


Until recently, marketers have failed to evolve along with the customers they’re targeting. While consumers have changed their purchasing processes and preferences to align with the new technologies and channels available to them, marketers lagged behind.

Even when attempting to push offers through these new channels, marketers are often still using the most basic customer demographic data to target customers. This has continued the era of spam marketing and ineffective mass...

Situational marketing: The rise of the hyper-personal experience


If you take a moment to pause and review the evolution of marketing, one thing is very clear: marketing has gone from big and broad to small and hyper-personal.

Once upon a time, advertisements were virtually exclusive to newspapers and yellow pages. Then, technology leapt forward and we progressed to television advertising. Next, the internet age brought digital marketing to the forefront and, with it, a whole new set of marketing opportunities.

By Manish Patel, 14 October 2015, 1 comment. Categories: Advertising, Customer Experience, Mobile Marketing, Personalised Marketing.

No longer an optional extra: Why personalisation and context rules the roost


The last 12 months have been incredibly exciting for digital marketers. The majority of marketers are now fully aware of the importance of customer journeys, the possibilities of data insights and the ever growing need for contexualisation and personalisation.

Marketers now recognise the imperative of omnichannel, contextualised communications with their prospects and customers. The more personalised the experience, the happier...

By Jess Stephens, 02 October 2015, 1 comment. Categories: Branding, Mobile Marketing, Personalised Marketing.

How programmatic is taking centre stage in digital advertising


It’s only five years since but a quarter of the global advertising ecosystem thought programmatic advertising was of any importance at all. Today it has become a marketing technology that more than a third (37%) believe will be the dominant force in digital advertising in the years to come and a further 55% believe will be very important, with only 8% of people believing programmatic will have only a small role to play in the future.

The figures, from Reaching Full Potential...

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The future beacons: Trust and engagement are key for brands


As e-commerce – and the convenience associated with it – continues to grow in popularity, marketers are looking for experiential ways to engage with their customers to further incentivise physical store visits as well as connect the online and offline shopping experience.

Improvements to mobile internet infrastructure and the ubiquity of smartphones have allowed consumers to experience online shopping from not only their laptops and PCs but also now their phones and tablets.

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What you need to look for in mobile marketing automation

The cost in building a mobile app, and the cost in building up an installed user base, is not insignificant. But what happens after that? All too often, the answer is that those users stop using the app.It's ultimately why so many mobile businesses fail: a lot of investment, and no return. Mobile marketing automation is a response to that challlenge - a set of techniques and tactics that engage mobile users, deliver value and content to them, and optimise their experience through personalisation in order to keep them...

By James Bourne, 23 September 2015, 0 comments. Categories: Mobile Marketing, Personalised Marketing.