Marketers not focusing enough on content creation technology, research argues


Marketers are focusing too much on content distribution and management rather than better content creation technology, according to a new survey.

In a study of marketing creatives by interactive video technology company Rapt Media respondents were asked about the challenges, priorities and technology investments that they faced when it comes to the evolving content marketing ecosystem. It also looked at whether measurement of the content they produce was a priority for them.

The results...

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Data privacy and personalisation: Why marketers can have their cake and eat it

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The use of data to personalise company communications is axiomatic in digital marketing. Marketers were among the first to leverage the vast amounts of data companies now collect to allow them to offer more relevant products and services to consumers.

And these methods are only becoming more sophisticated. The world’s largest companies are now thinking of ever-more inventive ways of collecting data through the rising number of devices and channels we connect to. With

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IndoorAtlas working with Yahoo Japan for greater location based marketing

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Location based marketing is proving a hugely powerful tool for marketers but its reliance on Wi-Fi and, or, beacon technology can prove expensive in large scale operations where volume is required. Finnish startup IndoorAtlas is aiming to change that and at Mobile World Congress this week announced another major partner to be using its services – Yahoo Japan.

The startup’s indoor mapping technology uses magnetic positioning inside a building to help determine the...

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How the industry still needs to invest more in personalisation


We already know that personalisation is key to help boost sales, loyalty and conversion for brands –  and yet a new study says companies across industries still aren’t investing enough in the personalisation strategies that customers are calling for.

The global, cross-industry study suggests that more than three quarters (78%) of consumers say that personalised promotions persuade them to buy products and services they have bought before whilst a similar proportion...

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How concerns over data privacy are stopping half of UK consumers sharing

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Personalised marketing, closer communication and more targeted advertising relies on it; yet a new survey shows that security fears are stopping half of UK consumers sharing the personal data required.

The study, which surveyed more than 2,000 UK adults, found that nearly three quarters of respondents (72%) were concerned about the level of protection given to the information they share and more worryingly more than half (56%) said that they planned to reclaim access to their...

Is a machine-led approach to marketing right for everyone?


The seemingly simple concept of improving the customer journey is one that’s often enough to strike fear into a marketer’s heart. How do you improve the voyage for a consumer that is often consuming across channels, devices and brands and for whom experience is key?

Getting your messaging and tone right is crucial, but in situations where you are removed from the consumer can be tough. Retailers have long focussed on the importance of improving the consumer journey but in...

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How big data and personalisation is revolutionising marketing in the airline industry


Marketers often do not see the value of personalisation. This is probably because this (fairly new) concept has never really been defined. Personalisation is not easy to explain because it's such a broad concept and cannot be confined into one single definition. So let's try a different approach.

If you think of personalisation as a stand-alone recommendation, it's not that powerful. If you think of personalisation as a website visit populated based on your customer’s behaviour,...

Delivering the next generation in customer experience for bottom line success


We’ve seen a tectonic shift in the way in which customers engage with organisations in the last few years, with expectations dramatically increasing. Until fairly recently, customer interactions have been largely transactional, but in our mobile, always-on world, those days are gone.

Now we are living in the age of the customer – demonstrated by the fact that 89% of businesses expect customer experience to be the primary basis of...

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Personalisation specialist Blueshift secures $8 million funding


Marketing personalisation specialist Blueshift has secured an $8 million Series A round of venture financing that will enable it to accelerate the development of its marketing automation solutions.

As well as driving sales and marketing the investment will also be used to allow Blueshift to build out its proprietary Interaction Graph platform.

The platform powers Blueshift’s Segment-of-One marketing automation solutions. The Interaction Graph stores each user’s stream of...

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Data science, IoT, and ad blockers: How will data impact the marketing sector in 2016?


We’re fast approaching the end of the year, so it’s time for the annual tradition of crystal ball gazing. As our favourite Danish proverb says: “Making predictions is a dangerous activity, especially when they concern the future.” Nevertheless, I’m going to stick my neck on the line and look at what 2016 could have in store for marketing professionals, particularly in relation to using data.

A quick scan of articles that came out around this time last year making...