Opinion: Personalise your eCommerce content or lose customers


With 30% of internet users now shopping online weekly, eCommerce is enjoying something of a golden age.

But in today’s new world of growing consumer demands, fierce competition and endless choice, brand loyalty (as we know it) is dead.

According to Ometria's recent study of consumer attitudes to digital marketing, 46% of UK customers will leave their favourite...

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Latest martech launches focus on personalisation and beacons


Marketing automation specialist Force24 has released two new features to its platform that it claims will allow even more personalised communication with clients’ customers.

The company releases four major updates a year with the two latest features in the first update of 2016 comprising an SMS decision engine and a programmatic integration feature.

The first addition claims to mimic the responses of a human being, managing thousands of concurrent conversations whilst maintaining real life...

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What marketers need to know about real-time personalisation

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50 years ago, a unique, real-time personalised customer experience was the norm. You loyally entered your local store, were served by a brand who knew your preferences, offered help, and could reserve, deliver or sell goods in a way that suited you. Today, consumer expectations haven’t changed, but their purchasing channels have.

Real-time personalisation goes further than the personalised email marketing you often find from brands online. It means being able to serve...

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Personalisation as standard: How to get there and not upset the apple cart


Impersonal, irrelevant, and often intrusive – is it any wonder consumers are growing disillusioned with the online ad experience and increasingly turning to blockers?

Today’s audience expects personalisation as standard. Indeed, almost 50% of users expect brands to know them and tailor ads according to their needs both now, and in the future. Yet brand marketers and the service agencies they employ...

Why we need to talk about data, personalisation and ad blocking


Using data to create more personalised experiences in the world of marketing is nothing new, but the avenues we have to explore, especially within content, are constantly changing. This is massively exciting, but it is also one of the areas where I see the most creative and strategic tension. 

The issue stems from a lack of understanding of use of data and consequently a reticence to use it because it’s just not that easy. This has been a huge driver behind the recent...

If you think you know all there is about email personalisation – think again


On average, we are subjected to 5,000 marketing messages per day. It’s therefore no surprise that if you try to recall a promotional email that you received yesterday, you’ll struggle.

Research also estimates that a typical professional sends and receives 131 emails each day. Add to that the volume of social updates, SMS and IM conversations consumed during those waking hours and you’re faced with a vast amount of ‘noise’. Being heard is therefore paramount....

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Personalisation is an illusion unless you let your customers do your marketing for you


Personalised marketing is an illusion. If we ever really had personalised marketing, then the closest we ever got to it was the apocryphal small town storekeeper of yesteryear who would know each and every customer by name, know what was happening in their lives at any given point and would be able to make well-intentioned product recommendations for each of them individually.

Most of the readers of this article will be too young to know if that situation ever really existed,...

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Salesforce state of marketing report: Customer experience and engagement key

Picture credit: Salesforce

Marketers are now using customer satisfaction and customer engagement as their top measures for success, according to a new report from Salesforce released this week.

The Salesforce 2016 State of Marketing report, which was based on a survey of 4,000 marketers globally, also found that nearly two thirds (65%) of marketers have adopted a customer journey strategy as they increasingly realise the importance of customer journeys to successful strategies. 88% said that a customer...

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How to give your email marketing campaigns a boost with personalisation


We’ve seen all the surveys, we’ve read all the whitepapers, and we’re all very aware that simply adding a bit of analytics and personalisation to our email marketing campaigns can improve their effectiveness by as much as 100%. But how do we go about doing it in real-time, without making wholesale changes to our marketing systems? Here are some easy steps to take that can deliver a huge leap in email marketing performance and doesn’t take a lot of investment.

Add real-time...

Why it is more important than ever for marketing and compliance to stick together


Forget the EU – the big harmonious union we all need to be thinking about is marketing and compliance.

Historically, the two have mixed a bit like oil and water, but in today’s digital world, there is an even greater need for pulling together. In financial services, especially with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) monitoring companies and their electronic communications more closely than ever, the two are set to be even more closely linked. Perhaps with this in mind,...

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