‘Zig’ when they ‘zag’: Lessons from the human side of marketing


A few months ago, our marketing team embarked on a campaign that diverged from your typical B2B marketing activity: instead of writing copy extolling our technical specs and shooting shiny photos of products in action, we decided to hero our people.

As a result, we asked three colleagues to lend their faces and stories, forming the key cornerstone to our campaign.

This unorthodox approach was the crux of ‘

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Why over-personalisation could stunt customer relationships


As our digital lives become increasingly personalised is there a chance that it could all become a bit predictable and, well, dull?

Will it come to the point where marketers are effectively shooting themselves in the foot by over-personalising campaign messages?

While marketers are increasingly aware of data’s role in creating content that truly resonates with individual consumers, if marketers are continuously using the same material based on the same insights to up-sell...

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Personalised marketing helping to drive web traffic, Adobe survey says

By now, marketers shouldn't need convincing that personalisation is the way forward - but a new study by Adobe has given even more reason to delve into tailored marketing. 

According to a new study by Adobe Digital Insights, here's a correlation between website traffic growth and forms of personalised marketing. 

The study says that European websites with rising traffic are enjoying 2.6 times more web traffic from tactics like social advertising, and 1.2 times more from paid search than sites with...

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Marketing technology: Are we talking your language?


As marketers, we’re used to tailoring communications to end users. I’d suggest we’re a little less good at applying the same skills to talking to our clients.

Instead, we tend to talk to every level of every potential client organisation as though they are marketing technology experts.

It’s one thing for a marketing technology company to change its tone depending on the type of business it is speaking to, i.e. the vertical sector in which they reside.

But we must...

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Why chatbots hold the future of conversational commerce

The era of conversational commerce is upon us and it has thrust chatbots into the customer experience spotlight. They broke onto the tech scene in April this year at Facebook’s Developer Conference, F8, and generated significant hype.

Since then, they have been heralded as one of the answers to delivering the ‘conversational’ experience consumers are demanding. And now with a recent Facebook study revealing that 53% of consumers are more likely to shop with a business that they can message...

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Chatbots are great, but are they right for your brand?

(c)iStock.com/Leonardo Patrizi

Chatbots are the new cool kids in the mobile world right now. Ever since Facebook announced its Messenger Platform in April, bots seem to have been designated the current 'it' technology.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella declared them the new apps, and the “next big thing." So what are these things that are about to revolutionise mobility?

Chatbots are software-powered 'conversational agents' that interact intelligently with users via text and voice on messaging platforms....

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Marketers and Messenger: Why you should tread carefully


Around 75% of the world’s Internet users use messaging services. In markets like Asia, consumers not only chat with friends and family members, but they also connect with businesses, consume content, browse and purchase merchandise, and get help with products and services.

With the launch of the Messenger platform, Facebook is making a huge bet that consumers in the US will adopt messaging to interact with...

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KLM: 'How we deliver effective personalisation at scale'


Imagine how digital advertising might look in the context of real life conversation. Your prospect mentions their dream destination at a dinner party, and you begin by sharing some of the best deals for airline ticket offers with them, without asking what they really want.

After rounds of persuasion, they agree to buy the ticket, and move the conversation to a different topic. But you begin to continually refer back to the same subject – without waiting for a response, cornering...

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Marketers need to put aside personalisation if they want to tackle the big issues


One of the main problems I find is that marketers are too afraid to try new things.

This seems to have changed around the time of the 2008 downturn, before which people used to receive discretionary budgets and marketing was less metric-driven than it is today.

Since then marketers have essentially become spreadsheet administrators and started thinking: “Oh look, this ROI has gone up a bit so let’s spend more on that and less on that”, whilst ignoring the big...

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