3 basic factors to look at when your site doesn’t convert

three conversion metrics

Over the past few years online business has evolved by leaps and bounds, to the point where today one doesn’t need to have extensive knowledge of programming in order to create a site. Pretty much everyone can start an online business, but as it’s always the case, the allure of easy money isn’t what it seemed in the first place. There are numerous factors to take into account when managing an online business, and one of the most frustrating hurdles people come face-to-face with is a low or non-existent conversion rate. In other words, even though...

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Elements of a successful social media marketing campaign


Everyone aspires to succeed in their social media marketing efforts. These platforms are considered as the best medium to carry out your marketing efforts since they are quick, inexpensive and imminently scalable. Social media could be called as the guerrilla marketing with steroids, which happens to be an enticing sea of potential consumers dwelling over the sites like, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, who seems to be a click away from your brand. In many...

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8 SEO predictions for 2013

2013 SEO Predictions

Among the predictions of various kinds read in recent days, could not miss the ones on the EES. Here are the 8 Predictions for SEO in 2013, according to the authoritative Rand Fishkin SEOmoz.

1. Bing will grow slightly in the U.S., but will remain below 20% while Google will increase to more than 80%

According to comScore, Bing + Yahoo! constitute about 30% of the North American market, compared to 65% of Google. Personally I think these numbers are not real, and I trust more than those of Statcounter (which takes the data traffic from Web sites and not from a sample). According to Statcounter Google is about 82%, while Bing + Yahoo! are about 16%. And I think these numbers are very similar in a year.

The main reason, in my opinion, is not the only brand loyalty and...

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Generating online content is what builds links

There are plenty of ways to market your business online.  Two important methods are content marketing and link building.  However, when it comes down to it, content marketing and link building are really the same thing.

Content marketing and link building are often considered separate entities, because at one point in time that was the case.  In the early days of SEO, nearly any link that you could get to a site was valuable.  Link exchanges were common and link farms were always popping...

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How Facebook has finally got it right

Three years ago, I was sitting in an interview for a company as a social media manager. A social media consultant and a marketing manager were interviewing me.
They asked me what I thought the future of the internet and social would look like. I remember sitting back, looking up and talking about Facebook. I remember talking that a whole generation is slowly growing up with Facebook, embracing everything, from places to timeline, and ignoring the trivialities of privacy policies.I cited that inclusionism would be the Holy...

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Will 2013 be a game changer for search engine marketing?

2013 Game Changer SEO

Over the past few years, traditional forms of search engine marketing have been able to help a website achieve high levels of traffic and sales. However, the game plan looks set to change during 2013 because there are many search marketing trends that used to be popular that are no longer as effective as they used to be. The good news is that while there will be...

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Performics: Talking to the CEO about SEO strategy

How does a performance marketing company stay one step ahead of the game? MarketingTech spoke to Daina Middleton, Performics CEO, and Matt Miller, Performics SVP strategy and analytics, about SEO, semantics and social CRM.

The algorithms change, but the principles remain

According to Performics, if you’ve got a healthy attitude to SERPs and have the right strategies in place, all the bluff and bluster about avoiding SEO traps is irrelevant.

“It’s really funny, the algorithms do change and we...

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