Potential SEO Client Do Not’s

This is a little rant type venting post for fellow SEO professionals. I recently wrote a blog post at the Search Engine Journal about my favorite worst SEO leads, this is an expansion on this topic a bit.

The following is a list of recommendations for people looking for an SEO firm of things NOT to do:

Don’t go looking for free advice. Would you ever go to a new doctor and have your first question be, “Do you...

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3 Blog Commenting Etiquette Tips

Blog commenting is an incredibly important component of any link building campaign. By commenting on relevant industry blogs that target the same audience as your company you are not only improving and diversifying your link portfolio, you are also building brand name recognition and establishing your brand as an industry authority.

Reading industry blogs can also help you find more topics to fuel your own

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Site Owners Still Responsible for Outsourced SEO

I have dealt with plenty of SEO consulting and full-service SEO clients in my 13 year career that want to hand their site’s SEO off to my company and forget about it entirely—unfortunately a great SEO campaign is going to need input from the website owner, not just the expertise of the SEO provider. At the end of the day, website owners can never completely wash their hands of SEO, even if they do outsource it to a white hat SEO firm....

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How Becoming a Thought Leader Helps SEO

The Internet is a competitive place for businesses within any industry. People turn to the Internet, and more specifically to the search engines, every day to find information about products or services. If you want to stand out, you need to establish your business as a thought leader in your industry by creating content like blog posts, social media posts, articles, press releases, white papers, E-books, guides, etc. Not only will this content help to build trust amongst target audience members, but it will...

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What to Know About Google’s New Update

Last week Google announced another algorithm update, called the “page layout algorithm update”, which will target sites that have too many ads above the fold. Users find it frustrating when they click on a search result and then have a difficult time finding the actual content. Google wants to provide its users with the best possible experience and will now be penalizing sites in which the content is not prominent on the page.

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Are You Letting Your Analytics Drive You Crazy?

Website analytics can be a marketer’s best friend or worst enemy depending how much you let them dictate your day-to-day life. If you find yourself panicking over small changes, spending hours a day combing through page after page of data and making drastic SEO changes to your site based on a few days of analytics it’s time to stop letting your site’s analytics drive you crazy! Here are three ways to do just that:

Stop panicking over small dips in traffic. 

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Don’t Focus on Rank to Measure SEO Success

So many potential SEO clients have one thing on their mind. They want their website to rank number one in the major search engines. What they don’t realize is that ranking can never be guaranteed, and any SEO company that does guarantee a number one spot is full of it.

Rank is important, in that you don’t want to be ranked 40th. Obviously you’d never be found. But when it comes to getting that coveted number one spot, it’s important not to worry so much about it. It will only drive you crazy....

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