Global digital ad spend to hit $285bn by 2020

Global digital advertising spend continues to soar, with the latest predictions from Juniper Research estimating a $285bn spend by 2020. 

The figure is a near doubling of the $160bn estimated spend for this year.

Whilst ad blocking adoption may be affecting the market on one hand on the other the report, Worldwide Digital Advertising 2016-2020, found that better audience targeting will still help to drive higher click through rates and increase publisher revenues. 

“Publishers, such as Facebook, are...

Why Google's device-level bidding is 'hugely important'

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Google’s online advertising service, Google AdWords, has become a major marketing and advertising tool in recent years.

It allows marketers to place search results for their website on a search engine results page (SERP) by paying for them, instead of just waiting for a website to work its way slowly and organically up the rankings.

Advertisers bid competitively to display brief advertising copy to web users, linking the copy to the content of the web pages that has been...

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Why video is key to winning the mobile marketing war

Marketing managers the world over will appreciate the power of moving pictures, knowing that a well-planned, target-oriented video campaign can deliver fantastic results.

The vast majority will agree that video marketing has become increasingly key to business growth, as video content continues to dominate mobile Internet usage and brands try to put themselves in customers’ hands.

Research from eMarketer indicates that the average UK consumer engages with

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Majority of mobile content shares happening via dark social, new report says


The majority of content shared via smartphone by consumers is done so on dark social, according to a new report by RadiumOne.

The marketing tech company collected data from 940 million users who share content from sources where its software is used for their Dark side of Mobile Sharing study.

It found that in the UK, 77% of publishers’ or marketers’ content shared via mobile phones takes place via private dark social channels. Dark...

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Instagram confirms new analytics and post promotion features

Instagram has officially launched new tools for businesses, including new business pages and Insights, its analytics offering. 

The tools will be rolling out firstly to US, Australia and New Zealand over the coming months, and will be available everywhere by the end of the year.

The official announcement wasn't entirely unexpected, after screenshots of the features were released last week. 


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Women spend more time on mobile internet than men, data shows

Women are more likely than men to use the internet on their smartphones, according to a new report released by UKOM, the body responsible for online audience measurement.

Half (49%) of all women’s internet time in the UK is spent on smartphones – rising to 59% among women aged 18-24. In comparison, just 39% of men’s online time is on smartphones.

For men, PCs and laptops remain the dominant device for going online, accounting for 48% of their internet time, compared to only 35% among...

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New Ofcom report reveals internet usage habits for the UK


Mobile devices continue to dominate in terms of media devices used by the public according to a new report from Ofcom, which means that marketers will have to increasingly ensure that their marketing is device optimised.

The study, Adults’ Media Use and Attitudes Report, shows that the number of adults who only use a smartphone or tablet device to go online – rather than a PC or laptop – has grown significantly, up from 6% in 2014 to 16% in 2015. It suggests that...

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Mobile-only native advertising spend triples in size


The number of native advertising campaigns based on mobile devices has tripled in size, according to a new study by native advertising platform Adyoulike.

It showed that in 2014 mobile-only spend accounted for 10% of spend but the share tripled to 30% in 2015. Mobile-only has stolen share from desktop-only which fell from 40% in 2014 to 15% in 2015. Half of the spend in both 2014 and 2015 covered all devices.

The conclusions come from the analysis of 1.3 billion in-feed native ads...

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Mobile programmatic video platform provider raises $4.5m for European expansion


Mobile programmatic video platform provider TabMo has announced that it has raised $4.5 million in investment from investment specialists Ardian and Generis Capital. The investment will be used to drive growth and expand throughout Europe.

TabMo was founded in France in 2013, opened a UK office last year and a German division this year.

The company offers a propriety technology that includes a demand side platform (DSP) named Hawk, which automates the buying process and provides...

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