Exploring mobile's role in eCommerce marketing


In our increasingly digital world, consumers are always looking for on-the-go solutions for everyday tasks. From hailing a taxi to doing taxes, mobile solutions have quickly been on the rise at an exponential rate, and one of the quickest growing sectors of mobile technologies is eCommerce.

Given the number of shopping apps available for mobile devices, its popularity comes as little surprise but in order to better understand the extent of this eCommerce trend, we must answer the...

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Case study: How Gram Games used a mobile marketing platform to draw in new users


It often takes a partnership to make a good thing great. For our company, a creator of mobile games, collaborating with a savvy mobile marketing platform resulted in not one, but two games we were proud of becoming worldwide hits.

There were two secrets to our success: data and a commitment to collaborating to leverage it in real-time to monetise effectively and reach new users at scale.

When our company, Gram Games, first approached AppLovin, which provides analytics so brands can...

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What marketers should take away from this year’s Summer of Sport

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As Team GB celebrate their record haul at the Rio Olympics, the 2016 ‘Summer of Sport’ that has seen global crowds gather for the Euros and Wimbledon approaches its final, Paralympic stage.

As spectators, it’s been a roller coaster of early knockouts and ‘Super Saturdays’, but as marketers, what can we learn from sport and its international audience?

When it comes to tournaments such as these, brands are presented with a unique opportunity to flex...

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How to maximise the mobile marketing moment


Mobile is an indispensable part of our lives with people in the UK spending almost three hours per day consuming mobile media, and over four in ten consumers saying they’d rather forget their anniversary than lose their phone.

Whether it’s checking our newsfeeds, researching a product while in store, or searching for how-to videos on YouTube – consulting our smartphones and...

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Engaging the ‘mobile-first’ consumer: New opportunities

Mary Meeker’s recently published internet trends report has become a kind of annual event for the tech industry.

Meeker’s snapshot of the latest data on the digital economy offers invaluable insight on where the internet and related technologies are now and where they’re going. And, as usual, this year’s report uncovers some compelling opportunities for mobile, especially mobile engagement.

Notably, among the more interesting findings is that there is a huge

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Mobiles' role in purchasing decisions becoming more prominent

A third of people now use only their mobile to make a purchasing decision, according to recent research from location based marketing company xAd. 

It's clear that for today's consumer, buying a product isn't as straightforward as going to a store, searching for what you want and then handing over cash.

And why would they? With more choice than ever in terms of price, location and personalisation, consumers are now best placed to buy at a time that suits them, however they want to do it. This does...

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Mobile marketing spend set to rise in EMEA, says report


Mobile marketing budgets are set to increase across marketing departments in EMEA, according to a new report. 

The State of The Industry: Mobile Marketing in EMEA research carried out by advertising insights brand Warc, asked over 370 marketers and advertisers for their views on the format.

They found 91% of those they asked are planning for increased mobile budgets in the next 12 months, with 45% anticipating growth in excess of 25%.

But there are some elements...

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How mobile payment apps can work as marketing tools

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Mobile payments are exploding. With the number of users forecast to grow by 62% to almost a fifth of smartphone users in the US this year, according to eMarketer, the value of proximity mobile transactions is expected to surge to $27bn in 2016.

The boom has been a long time coming. But now vendors are finally overcoming the technology hurdles to in-store...

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Mobile ad experiences really need to improve, study suggests

It's no secret that consumers are becoming more and more disconnected with badly targeted advertising, but a recent study has found that with mobile advertising in particular, under half consider it to be positive.

But there seems to be a disconnect, as almost all advertisers and mobile operators think they're delivering a positive experience.

The study of 100 mobile operators, 100 advertisers and...

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Dos and don'ts in the era of mobile storytelling

A dominant theme in Mary Meeker’s “Internet Trends” report this year is the surge in importance and use of images as opposed to text based formats online.

Added to this, Sensor Tower’s recent Store Intelligence report unveiled that the average iOS user spends nearly an hour a day on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, highlighting the value of these image based formats...

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