81% of marketing teams would host more events with the right tools

A collection of tools.

Economic headwinds, changing B2B buying behaviors, and fewer resources are some of the critical challenges facing event practitioners in 2023, according to the 3rd annual Events Outlook Report from Splash, an event marketing technology company that serves enterprise companies and their event, marketing and sales teams worldwide.

The survey of 670 event marketers and professionals in North America, Europe, and the UK, conducted in late 2022, found that despite 85% of event...

How Kinly’s videos and events attracted 100,000+ viewers

A man recording with a camera.

Kinly is a global provider of AV collaboration services and support. After 20+ years of experience in the AV and video collaboration industry, the company now has around 1,200 employees working with more than 2,500 clients across the world.

The problem:

Kinly offers audio and video solutions, with the majority of its business coming through conferences, services for events and broadcasted EXPOs. The company supplies live broadcasting services for a range of industries...

Creating the right strategy for virtual and hybrid events

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The pandemic has allowed marketers to wipe the slate clean when it comes to their event strategies.

Following the initial shock of the pandemic, when many events were postponed or canceled, some early-adopting brands quickly brought their events back to life in a new digital form, holding them online. Many countries and global regions are beginning to lift restrictions, yet there is still a considerable proportion of brands that are lagging when it comes to adapting their events...

What virtual event tech means for event marketing

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In its purest form, technology helps bridge gaps between users and their desired outcomes — whether they seek convenience, efficiency, or togetherness.

All three of those objectives are a high priority for event marketers. That’s especially true as they used whatever solutions were available to stay connected to their audiences during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s why event marketing software company Banzai recently raised $15 million in venture funding and...

Virtual events set to grow in popularity post-pandemic

A virtual conference.

Virtual events provided a lifeline for many businesses and individuals in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic led to the shut down of physical events around the world. 

But it’s not just a flash in the pan. Virtual events were already growing in popularity pre-pandemic, with the sector valued at almost $78 billion in 2019. It is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 23.2% from 2020 to 2027, strongly suggesting this is anything but a temporary...

How to convince audiences that virtual events are still worthwhile

Opinion Nothing went according to plan in 2020. Trade shows, conferences, concerts, and all other business- and consumer-driven in-person events were either converted into online experiences or canceled altogether. This year, we’re left questioning where virtual events will go from here.

Several companies have committed to hosting immersive digital experiences in 2021 — from the Consumer Technology Association’s CES to Adobe Summit to SXSW. Typically, these in-person...

Five account-based marketing trends to follow in 2021

It is a trend that’s perfectly in step with the times. Account-based marketing (ABM) is becoming one of the dominant forms of marketing today, and with good reason; in an age where marketing is ever-present, mass marketing efforts are a lot less effective than individual marketing targeted at specific potential customers. From individually tailored marketing efforts, messages can be more targeted and avoid some of the stigma from marketing saturation today.

While ABM is a trend...

Covid-19 has created a new kind of audience – and it is vital event marketers cater to it

For event marketers, Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the nature of an audience. With the pandemic confining people to their homes and drastically limiting or downsizing in-person events, audiences now tend to exist behind a screen, participating in events through their mobiles, tablets or laptops. But this new, primarily digital, audience opens up new possibilities for enhancing and extending the level of engagement companies have with their audiences. By adopting a blended approach to...

The key elements to thrive in the new digital era: What is ahead of us?

It’s been exactly one year since the Covid-19 pandemic became global. Looking back, as the generations who are inexperienced with the pandemic, we have certainly underestimated the impact. Things have changed dramatically in the past 12 months. We are in the midst of the worst humanitarian challenges in a century, which will cause an imminent restructuring of society and global economic order. We face an unexpected event or sequence of enormous scale events at an overwhelming speed,...

Exploring the landscape for mega events: On the cusp of a new universe

Opinion The future of major events and exhibitions is undoubtedly entering the most significant period of transformation that the event sector has have seen. The 'mega events' like CES, MWC, and the ADIPECs of the world have been forensically examined as the event sector does the exact opposite of waiting with bated breath. Instead, we’ve witnessed a creative and relentless drive for change as events businesses bravely explore new methods to deliver immersive and meaningful experiences to...