37% of online spend done through Amazon

Amazon continues to exert dominance over the ecommerce space as new research shows that the retail giant now equates for over a third of online consumer spend.

Global ecommerce consultancy Salmon has found that 37% of all money spent online by consumers goes to Amazon.

What’s more, this looks likely to increase in the future. In a survey of over 600 consumers, 73% said that they will increase their use of digital shopping channels in the future.

Amazon’s dominance stems largely from the fact that...

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Seven ways to boost conversion rates with neuroscience

Converting an online basket into a sale is not an easy task. According to web research company Baymard Institute, a, 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned.

Beyond discount codes and flash sales, what exactly can you do as a retailer to push customers over the line and convert these baskets into sales?

95% of our decisions are steered by our subconscious and it is important to recognise this when it comes to targeting customers effectively.

This is why applying simple changes to your...

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Which ecommerce techniques are the most effective?

Anyone involved in ecommerce will have probably been asked what optimisation strategy they are going to utilise to drive engagement and increase their sales.

For people not particularly tied into the marketing tech landscape, the dizzying array of options can seem intimidating.

It is also hard to dig up much quantitative data on what effects different techniques tend to have from among all the marketing materials and technical jargon.

To try and counter this, marketing personalisation technology company

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3 key CRO strategies to increasing sales in online retail

With customers increasingly moving their purchasing power and attention to online retail, how can you make sure you are set to deliver the most optimized experiences to the online shopper and well positioned to increase online sales?

Here is how a well thought-through CRO strategy can build the foundation for this growth and differentiate you from your competitors.

Customers come first

Any digital experience you build needs to revolve around your customers and their needs.

That’s where you tap into...

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Marketers believe that trade and brand marketing need to come together

The growth of ecommerce and the complimentary focus on catering to shoppers across multiple channels, is creating a demand to combine brand and trade budgets, according to a study by Criteo and Kantar Millward Brown.

53% of the survey’s respondents hoped to connect trade and brand budgets in the near future. The combination of the two typically includes retail display allowances for product positioning, temporary price reductions, end caps and shopper marketing.

“Trade marketing is undergoing a...

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Product pages: make them perfect

As ecommerce continues its explosive growth, consumers are buying more than ever before.  Dollars are shifting to digital, with online sales projected to exceed $523 billion by 2020.

That’s a big deal.

At the same time, the landscape has also grown fiercely competitive and consumer-dominated.

More connected and empowered than ever before, today’s shoppers don’t just expect, they...

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Technology and the ‘last mile’

The ‘last mile’ is the very last part of the supply chain, just before goods or services reach end users.  

The term originated in the telecom industry, where it was used to refer to the last length of cable that delivered services to customers.

Over time however, the term has come to mean the last stage of delivery in general, regardless of sector or goods being supplied.

consumers are demanding quicker deliveries

Consumers are demanding quicker deliveries than ever before and big businesses...

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Avoiding the damage of a website crash

The recent website crash experienced by Virgin Money Giving has already proven to be a very expensive mistake by the brand.

Even temporarily ignoring the financial aspect, in the short-term it prevented friends, colleagues, and relatives from personally supporting those who were running.

In the long term, it could potentially have far-reaching consequences for one of the most trusted and successful British...

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ONS figures show decline in retail store sales as online continues to grow

Figures from the ONS show that retail sales fell 1.4% in the first three months of 2017. Average store prices increased by 3.3%, representing the largest growth since 2012.

The first quarter of 2017 is the third consecutive period of negative growth.

However, online sales increased year-on-year by 19.5%.

Retailers can no longer shun the truth that shoppers crave a more immediate, reliable and digitally driven...

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Cohort analysis, responsive design, and 3 other must-know e-commerce concepts

Got something cool to sell, and sites like Etsy don’t quite cut it? Guess it’s time for an upgrade. Time for you to stop dipping your toes into the world of eCommerce and dive right in.

Here’s the thing about that, though - running a full-fledged online retail outlet’s a little different from selling a few things on a user-driven site. There are certain things you’ll need to know, and certain things you’ll need to do.

First thing’s first, get yourself set up with an e-commerce platform.

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