How Going increased trial start rates by 104% month-on-month

Going, an online travel company with over 50 employees, specialises in helping people save money while exploring the world. They have realised that saving money on air travel not only reduces the burden on one's wallet but also allows people to explore wider travel possibilities. Their subscription-based model offers various plans, ranging from a free option to a premium plan priced at $16.58 per month. Going distinguishes itself by providing timely notifications to customers about flight...

Gen Z is the nastiest generation with online reviews

46% of Brits say they wouldn’t buy a product or service from a company if a review said it was of poor quality, a survey from small business credit card company Capital on Tap has revealed.

To help business owners, the survey sheds light on what causes people to leave reviews - both positive and negative - as well as the cities across the UK are the most likely to leave negative feedback. 

The full research can be viewed here:...

64% of Brits in favour of Gen AI marketing

Almost two-thirds (64%) of consumers feel personalised recommendations are important and nearly a third (30%) go as far as to say that personalised recommendations are one of the top ways that brands can improve their overall digital experience. 

However, consumers say greater personalisation must not come at the expense of privacy and data governance with 92% citing that brands must use their data responsibly. 

This is according to Adobe's Digital Trends Report,...

Marketing budgets have dropped to 7.7% of overall company revenue in 2024

A pile of £20 notes.

Average marketing budgets have fallen to 7.7% of overall company revenue, down from 9.1% in 2023, according to a Gartner survey of 395 CMOs and marketing leaders.

This is according to the annual Gartner 2024 CMO Spend Survey, which was conducted from February to March 2024. Survey respondents were CMOs and marketing leaders in North America and Northern and Western Europe across 10 different industries, company sizes and revenue, with the vast majority of respondents reporting...

Acquia expands digital experience platform with launch of digital experience optimisation solution

A Space X rocket launching.

Acquia, a specialist in open digital experience software, has expanded its digital experience platform, Acquia DXP, with the launch of Acquia Digital Experience Optimization (DXO).

The new solution makes Acquia the first of any DXP vendor to offer a complete offering to maximise content relevance, search performance, and conversions. In addition to the previously announced Monsido acquisition offering site governance and accessibility, Acquia’s new DXO solution will include two...

Elevating Digital Marketing Innovation with Cape at DMWF London 2024

Today’s fast-paced market asks for an insane amount of content with dozens of local interpretations, like market specific offers, deals, translations, and city- or even street names. Manually creating that content, while staying on-brand, can feel like an impossible job.Get ready to automate your digital marketing campaigns at superhero speed with Cape! Create assets, scale creative versioning, and publish truly audience-centric campaigns to your desired channels in no time. Our platform...