Meanwhile, in the real world: Why marketing data usage need not be under the microscope

Opinion Picture this. It’s the boardroom of a major brand. Around the board table are all of the C-suite: the CFO, CTO, CIO, CRO, CPO, CMO and of course, the CEO. And, despite the fact their stock price is in trouble, revenues are down, costs are on the rise, there are problems with the new product and both customers and staff are unhappy, they’re bored and have some time to kill.

The CEO turns to the CMO and says, ‘Let’s take a look at Joanne Smith of 14 Kings Avenue, Richmond, let’s...

By Jed Mole, 11 August 2017, 1 comment. Categories: Customer Experience, Data-driven marketing.

Analyse, report, repeat: Here’s what you need to be tracking

When your boss asks you how the online marketing efforts are doing, what do you say? “We’ve increased impressions by 30% and traffic is up 15%.” Do you know what that means for business growth? Does your boss?

Digital marketing is great for equipping businesses and marketers with the data to define their success and find unending opportunities for growth. Unfortunately, this also makes it incredibly difficult for marketing leaders to determine what truly matters to grow their company.

And yes, I say grow...

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Identifying your top brand advocates – by filtering the recommendations

Do all recommendations carry equal clout? The short answer is no - but by taking a closer look at who is saying what, it is possible to identify your top brand advocates.

With so many purchases being fuelled by recommendations from friends and family, it is easy to see why word-of-mouth marketing is such as powerful force. After all, who hasn’t booked a holiday, visited a restaurant, watched a TV show or had their car serviced at a local garage after hearing about a positive experience from someone they...

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Fans and Followers aren’t enough: an interview with Charlotte Kennett of Lithium and Michel De Silva of Parrot

Everyone should be doing social. We all know that, it’s one of the guiding principles of digital marketing.

The problem is that although we all know that we need to do social, many brands don’t know much more than that. How do you go from getting a few likes here and there to using social media to create satisfied, passionate advocates of your brand?

For Charlotte Kennett, EMEA Marketing Manager at Lithium, the answer is seeing social media as one stage in the...

Will Unified Marketing Impact Analysis solve all of our problems?

If you work for an organisation that likes to measure the impact of its marketing, and use marketing return on investment (MROI) technology to do so – then you probably think you have a pretty good idea of whether your campaigns are working.  

The reality is that however confident they may feel, most organisations are falling behind the curve as today’s complex media environment and mix of digital, mobile, traditional and app based consumer actions are not being correctly attributed in the...

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Data Management Platforms — the make-or-break tool for all omni-channel marketers

It wasn’t all that long ago when marketers only had a handful of channels to worry about when it came to executing forward-thinking marketing strategies. Often, communications would consist of something as linear as a single email that is sent out to an entire customer base, in the hope that a small percentage of that audience would click through to the offer or webpage that’s being promoted.

As a marketer obsessed with delivering more nuanced, three-dimensional customer journeys – on a...

By Anoma van Eeden, 26 July 2017, 1 comment. Categories: Big Data, Data-driven marketing.

Unlock the data goldmine to make your customer experience shine

You’ve probably heard it before that ‘data is the oil of the 21st century.’ We’re operating in a digital economy where data is more valuable than ever and in today’s connected world, marketers are sitting on a data goldmine.

The challenge is, how does one turn data into insight and action and use it to return the customer to the heart of the business?

The new digital economy dictates that old rules don’t apply and this is evident in the evolution of the customer...

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Should marketers be casting our net more broadly?

For the past several years, media would lead us to believe the big opportunity for building our brands is with the Millennial generation. Article after article shows an unending fascination with their lifestyle and media usage habits.

New agencies have sprung up proclaiming expertise in digital marketing. Many of them appear to be successful – at least in terms of making money. And this, after decades of not being able to crack ‘online advertising’.

is our fascination with this new world of...

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Is there a future for marketing? The change will come quicker than we think

There is no future for marketing.

AI, VR, VRS, holography, real-time marketing, branded apps, brand-based gaming, interactives, drones (UAVs), wearables, personalisation, targeted video content, autonomous technologies, expanded and manufactured social media networks, marketing technologies and data scientists. All will be (are and have been) slowly deconstructing, destroying what we today call marketing.

In its place will be a hybrid, a fusion, and a convergence of life experience, narrative, storytelling,...