AI and data are the key to creating the best customer moments

On-demand services are rapidly changing the way we experience every part of our lives.

For example, with television today we have far more choice as to how, where and when we consume content. Rather than waiting for closure on a ‘cliff-hanger’ from last week’s episode, you can now advance the plot instantly via Netflix or Amazon Prime.

If traditional media networks don’t evolve their customer experience to meet modern-viewing demands now, they risk falling behind their savvier...

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The Art of Conversation: avoiding short-termism

Ever taken a short cut? Even though you know it’s a quick fix and that you’re probably storing up problems for further down the line? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

Like that time when you super-glued the kitchen table back together, instead of getting out your toolbox. Or when you bought cheap trousers the day before your holiday, knowing they would likely split before the week was out.

It’s the same at work.

Marketers are often pushed for quick wins and instant results, in...

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24% of UK businesses have stopped preparations for EU Data Protection Regulations

Around a quarter of firms have cancelled their preparations for the incoming regulation because they believe it will not apply after Brexit.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) is a group of rules designed to coordinate data protection laws across Europe.

The EU GDPR has been years in the making but has now been ratified by the UK. It is due to take effect in May 2018.

This is likely before the Brexit process is complete. The process, beginning with the triggering of Article 50 this week, will...

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Why your 2017 budget needs to include ‘data-driven marketing’

The tables have turned. Rather than marketers using blanket advertisements to draw customer interest and raise awareness of their brand or product, consumers are now connecting with their favorite brands.

Marketers now have access to information about exactly how, when and where consumers want to engage with them.

This means that retailers must be dynamic when it comes to their marketing efforts. Brands can no longer rely on a key billboard at the busiest intersection in the city. They need to give the...

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10 ways your brand can generate digital trust

In our hyperconnected world, empowered consumers share their brand experiences across multiple platforms. Digital messages spread in milliseconds. Posts with just 140 characters have the potential to make or break brands.  

It has never been more important for brands to connect with their audiences; to demonstrate transparency, honesty and credibility; and to generate – and repay – trust. 

By interacting with businesses, we expect them to take care of the details we share with them. This...

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Marketers getting to grips with mobile but not confident about mastering it

Good news: marketers have definitely understood the importance of mobile in their campaigns. Bad news: they’re not confident over getting the most out of it.

That was the verdict from a study issued by the Mobile Marketing Association and RadiumOne comprising interviews with more than 300 senior marketers. Six in 10 (61%) said they were not fully confident in their ability to find new profitable customers on mobile, while more than half are unsure when it comes to their ability to acquire new customers...

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Don’t leave your social media data trapped in walled gardens

Opinion A few years ago it seemed the rise of apps was unstoppable. With smartphones and tablets attached to everyone’s palm, the implications for marketers seemed clear: As consumers spend more time in apps and social media on their mobile devices, this is where marketers’ ad spend should be concentrated.

When the main apps competing for our attention are the social media giants, many then began directing spend in this direction, which explains why the IAB’s latest figures showed a

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Don’t let big data make your head spin: Building a user-friendly marketing ecosystem

Welcome to today’s marketing data ecosystem.  It’s a myriad of data sources and tools that are supposed to help you to make more informed ‘data driven’ decisions; taking the guess work out of everything from media buying to sales and revenue attribution. That said, in reality, it can seem like a daunting array of ever-proliferating information, technologies, and vendors that makes you wonder: will it really make my job easier? The buzzwords alone - like Hadoop, big data and...

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Why you need to pair hyperlocalisation with data for success

Hyperlocalisation – theoretically taking personalised marketing one step further – is more than a trend: it’s the culmination of technological advances combined with innovative marketing tactics, and it has created new opportunities for brands to communicate value to customers. Couple this with the power of data, and you open up a whole host of possibilities for reaching specific sets of customers.

Here are just a few reasons the marriage of hyperlocalisation and data is a match made in...

The new data struggle, or, Why you’re still wasting your marketing budget

The buzzwords never end. A proliferation of tools, platforms, and services now pitch their “social listening” abilities, databases of “influencers,” or "intelligence," promising companies new ways to augment their marketing efforts and easily tap into new audiences. Platforms dazzle with slick dashboards and videos, startups burst at the seams with smiling salespeople, and testimonials describe recent influencer-attended product launches.

What brand executives or marketing...

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