Experiential marketing: Is it the future or just another almost big thing?


In 2002, Steven Spielberg directed the film Minority Report, based on a short story by Philip K. Dick. The PreCrime captain, played by Tom Cruise, used three psychic sources called “precogs” to predict crime prior to the event occurring and apprehend the potential criminal based on foreknown knowledge.

Advertising and marketing has been searching for a “Minority Report”-esque captain of its own for years. In the past, the discipline has attempted to use scientific...

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Retailers expected to spend $2.5 billion on IoT by 2020


While it’s pretty obvious that the Internet of Things (IoT) offers huge opportunities for marketers, new data from Juniper Research suggests that retailers are set to spend around $2.5 billlion on the technology by 2020. The figure would mean a four-fold increase in spend in the technology within five years from this year’s estimated $670 million investment.

Retailers are set to invest in both hardware and installation of IoT enabled technology which can include anything...

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Why retailers remain lost in a digital asset management jungle


Retailers are spending an immense amount of time searching among vast stocks of media files and require suitable software for efficient digital asset management (DAM), according to research from Ovum conducted on behalf of DAM provider WoodWing Software.

Though retailers claim that they utilise proper digital asset management strategies and processes, 38% of them spend five to 10 hours per week searching for files and 17% spend over 10 hours on searches.

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Manchester United and HCL Technologies partner for ‘digital transformation’

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Manchester United has announced a 'digital transformation' partnership with HCL Technologies to analyse and enhance the relationship with the club's 650 million strong global fanbase.

The two organisations will create a United Xperience innovation lab, housed within United's Old Trafford stadium, which will essentially become an incubation pod for creating a unified fan experience and increasing engagement through building digital platforms.

HCL already has six similar hubs in...

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Marketing departments lead the way in big data analysis, report claims


The potential of big data for any business has been talked about for ages – but a new study shows that it is marketing departments within business that are actually making the most of such data as they strive to understand the customer.

The survey, from analysts BARC, showed that a quarter of marketing departments already have big data analysis in use today – a figure that is higher than for any other business department....

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Big data and personalisation truly comes of age: The next steps for the CMO


On October 24 1994 the banner ad was born. Wired Magazine’s predecessor, Hotwired.com came into being and hosted a banner ad produced by AT&T. You can still see the advert at thefirstbannerad.com. Turning to the present day, with smart devices infiltrating ever corner of our lives, big data has come of age.

What does this mean for marketing?

Customer centricity, personalisation, and really understanding your customer are all good ingredients for...

What pure play e-commerce can learn from clicks and mortar when it comes to customer data


E-commerce companies versus ‘clicks and mortar’ retailers are constantly involved in a battle of business; a tussle over trade, and a competition over customer engagement. With changing high streets and one billion of us around the world choosing to shop online, at first glance it seems very clear that e-commerce companies will emerge victorious. But there is one area in which ‘traditional’ retailers can, perhaps surprisingly, nudge ahead: customer

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Analytics tool claims to be set to revolutionise kiosk marketing


A new kiosk analytics tool could solve the logistical challenges of deploying and managing in-store mobile consumer facing devices, it is claimed.

MokiTouch 2, a kiosk software application from cloud-based software provider Moki, now includes a new Insights analytics component that it is claimed will allow marketers to measure the effectiveness of a mobile marketing campaign or instore kiosk placement. The tool will allow the tracking of customer interaction at both aggregate and...

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Analysing increased adoption of big data, IoT and cloud in digital marketing initiatives

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Big data, the Internet of Things and the cloud are increasingly being used to support and drive digital marketing initiatives, according to a new survey released this week.

The survey, from 2nd Watch, shows that digital marketers are increasingly expanding their use of such technologies in order to support their digital marketing efforts with some diverting resources from other projects to enable such a move. It signals an...

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Using big data on a personal level to gain greater consumer buy-in


As consumers, our lives and identities become more and more digitised every day. The more time we spend on the Internet, the more data we produce. In 2014, Facebook users shared 2,460,000 pieces of content, YouTube users uploaded 72 hours of new video, and Yelp users posted 26,380 reviews. These statistics are not per week or even per day — they are per minute.

With every online purchase, media stream, or click-through, consumers are generating new data points that help define...

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