How Going increased trial start rates by 104% month-on-month

Going, an online travel company with over 50 employees, specialises in helping people save money while exploring the world. They have realised that saving money on air travel not only reduces the burden on one's wallet but also allows people to explore wider travel possibilities. Their subscription-based model offers various plans, ranging from a free option to a premium plan priced at $16.58 per month. Going distinguishes itself by providing timely notifications to customers about flight...

How Naked Wines achieved positive audience insights within 36 hours

Founded in 2008, Naked Wines is where crowdfunding meets winemaking. A growing army of 330,000 subscribers, called Naked Angels, contribute £25 a month into personalised wine-piggy banks. The money back hundreds of talented winemakers in 65 places around the world, to the tune of £4 million every month. These are then sold to the Angels at insider prices.

The problem:

When Naked Wines sought to place inserts in a national brand’s e-commerce packages, they ran into...

AnalyticsIQ launches predictive solution to unlock consumer marketing preferences

AnalyticsIQ, a provider of predictive people-based data, is excited to announce its latest innovation in marketing data and analytics: ChannelIQ.

This expansion and new addition to AnalyticsIQ's comprehensive suite of predictive data solutions provides reliable and actionable insight into consumer marketing channel preferences, giving brands and marketers the ability to optimise their messaging, targeting, and overall campaign performance.

ChannelIQ is an innovative...

Will AI be your next marketing assistant?

In the ever-evolving marketing landscape, one technology emerges as the potential linchpin – Gen AI. Revered for helping businesses move further, faster and more efficiently, does it also hold the key to a new way of creative campaigns?

I recently discussed this topic and more with Rio Longacre, MD at Slalom, and Jon Williams, global head of agency business development at AWS.

Gen AI: Making sense of the mania

During our conversation, Longacre describes a...

How AI for data analytics is transforming agencies

In today's marketing landscape, the ability to swiftly navigate through data and extract meaningful, actionable insights is more crucial than ever. Clients are expecting more and more data sophistication from their agencies as the pressure for data-driven marketing decisions increases. However, the journey from raw data to actionable strategies can be challenging with old methods: Manual analysis is time-consuming, error-prone, and not every marketer is skilled in advanced...

Lack of customer data is major obstacle in reaping rewards of AI

Research from customer engagement platform Twilio has found that businesses are making good progress on implementing artificial intelligence (AI) to help power customer interactions, but are finding both a lack of customer data, as well as transparency in how they’re using that data, to be significant challenges.

Twilio’s fifth annual State of Customer Engagement Report has revealed the growing importance of brands disclosing how they use customer data to deliver AI-powered...

FreeWheel partners with Lotame to offer addressable audiences at scale on CTV inventory 

FreeWheel, a global technology platform for the television advertising industry, has partnered with Lotame, a provider of data enrichment solutions for global enterprises, to expand audience data across its product suite in EMEA.

Using the breadth and depth of audience data from the Lotame Data Marketplace, FreeWheel will be able to enhance addressable audiences and reach for video advertising buyers in the region.   

Cookie-free, behavioural, demographic and...

Braze delivers new AI features to boost marketing efficiency and creativity

Customer engagement platform Braze has unveiled several new AI features across its platform designed to inspire marketers' creativity and increase efficiency in delivering more personalised, tailored experiences, all powered through Sage AI by Braze.

With a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips and the advent of AI-powered tools, marketers can inspire creativity with speed and precision. The latest AI features from Braze reflect this paradigm shift, with recent research indicating...

AI-induced anxiety and SEO volatility among top 10 challenges for marketers in 2024  

Marketing and PR leaders are facing sleepless nights from a series of complex challenges in 2024, with SEO volatility, landing PR coverage, upskilling, and AI-induced anxiety around job security topping a list compiled following new research.  

With the marketing and PR industries already facing high burn out rates and poor mental health, and a new CIPD study reporting that 76% of employees have experienced some form of stress-related staff absence, the new data...

Digital Marketing Institute launches AI in Digital Marketing course to plug AI skills gap 

The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), a provider of Digital Marketing Certification, has launched its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Digital Marketing course, following overwhelming demand from marketers. 

The decision to launch the course comes following DMI’s latest Membership Survey in 2023, which found AI to be the top skill members are looking to develop over the next 12 months.  

The course will bridge the AI knowledge gap for marketers of all...