Creating the ultimate digital retail experience for your customers

Shopping is no longer about simply going into a shop. It’s all about engagement.

It is the age of the customer and in this fast-paced, competitive, dynamic digital world, customers are bombarded with between 3000-5000 messages daily via numerous channels.

New digital technologies and channels have multiplied and will continue to do so. Even in store, customers are using a multitude of different devices to research, review and ultimately purchase goods and services.

All these touch points present an...

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Taking steps towards cognitive computing

There has been a limited amount of practical applications of A.I and cognitive computing to date. There is, however, little doubt amongst marketers that these technologies have the potential to create seismic changes in the way businesses interact with their customers.

While these trends are undeniably exciting and revolutionary, they present as many challenges as they do opportunities.

The next few years will see organisations start to get to grips with what A.I and cognitive computing can offer. While there...

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20% of businesses think GDPR non-compliance could shut them down

86% of businesses worldwide report the potential negative consequences of non-compliance with the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) as a major concern, according to Veritas Technologies.  

The Veritas 2017 GDPR Report surveyed 900 business decision makers and found that 20% think that non-compliance could end up putting them out of business.

The risks of non-compliance with the new set of regulations, due for introduction in 25 May...

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How to supercharge customer marketing: Takeaways from a recent event

I could never have been a wedding planner! As we waited for the first guests to arrive at our recent workshop, those familiar nerves emerged: would the promise of a free bacon roll be enough to get some senior marketers out of bed at 8:30am on a grey winter’s morning?

Fortunately, either those breakfast baguettes, or the promise of seeing yours truly deliver some cracking Pancake Day puns, saw us joined by marketing and CRM experts from Debenhams, Harvey Nichols, The Gap and 20 other retailers.

How to...

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The CMO-CIO relationship – a dynamic duo in the making

On any given day I’m continually answering emails and WhatsApp messages on my mobile, checking social media for breaking news and booking business trips on my tablet.

We’ve never been more connected than we are today, and we expect the brands in our lives to engage with us in exactly the same way – with personal, real-time communication across all channels.

We expect to be reached when WE want to be reached, HOW we want to be reached, and about the topics we care about.

This type of one-to-one customer...

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Mobile gaming as a truly global marketing tool: Are you a gamer, or ‘brandventurer’?

Mobile gaming is the world's first truly global marketing tool.

With over 1.9 billion players worldwide according to Tapjoy, it is time for brands to start to adopt the video (mobile) game platform across their marketing platforms and use video games to provide solutions to their marketing needs.

Video or mobile gaming?

Perhaps part of the delay in using mobile gaming is the misunderstanding of the profile of current gamers, who are mistakenly thought to be people with limited income, who sit home playing...

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Honda's virtual showroom uses 'aspirational architecture'

The Real View Test Drive project “employs neuroscience to educate and excite viewers by simulating and atypical, aspirational showroom.”

The virtual showroom (below) was created by creative production studio Saddington Baynes and DigitasLBi. It consists of a series of videos that mix live action and CGI to give customers an in-depth virtual tour of a particular vehicles features.

Creating ‘aspirational architecture’

According to Honda, 76% of customers take at least one digital action...

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Why your 2017 budget needs to include ‘data-driven marketing’

The tables have turned. Rather than marketers using blanket advertisements to draw customer interest and raise awareness of their brand or product, consumers are now connecting with their favorite brands.

Marketers now have access to information about exactly how, when and where consumers want to engage with them.

This means that retailers must be dynamic when it comes to their marketing efforts. Brands can no longer rely on a key billboard at the busiest intersection in the city. They need to give the...

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Bad digital experiences can cost brands dearly

Is it the quality of the product or having a positive customer experience that creates brand loyalty?

For 76% of customers, how they are treated by brands is as important as what is actually being sold, according to a study commissioned by Lithium Technologies.

The survey of 1,000 adults found that creating this kind of brand loyalty can be lucrative for brands. A happy customer is willing to spend £50, or around a quarter of their disposable income, on their favourite brands a month.

The value of happy...

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Marketers getting to grips with mobile but not confident about mastering it

Good news: marketers have definitely understood the importance of mobile in their campaigns. Bad news: they’re not confident over getting the most out of it.

That was the verdict from a study issued by the Mobile Marketing Association and RadiumOne comprising interviews with more than 300 senior marketers. Six in 10 (61%) said they were not fully confident in their ability to find new profitable customers on mobile, while more than half are unsure when it comes to their ability to acquire new customers...

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