Identifying the Achilles heel of successful B2B enterprises

It is ironic that the point of B2B enterprise – offering scalable solutions to provide value – is the very thing that creates distance in their relationships with customers. Audience segmentation, analytics, business systems, workflows… all are set up to be efficient. And all that task-based activity makes it easy to focus on the business’ ‘belly button’ rather than on an actual client.

Many enterprises today find themselves entrenched in existing processes, relying on...

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Transactional emails critical to customer retention

A lot of us know the feeling. Waiting anxiously for the confirmation email to arrive once we have paid for something on the internet. For a lot of people, this email is a crucial final step to the process of making a purchase, a full stop that makes the whole thing real.

But, what if that email never comes? First of all, how can you be sure that the transaction has gone through and, secondly, how do you know that the company is in control of its ecommerce process.

New research by email service provider...

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Hyper-personalisation: The evolution of customer engagement

The digital age has created both challenge and opportunities when it comes to businesses reaching customers. On one hand, the explosion of new channels has opened up exciting new ways to engage with audiences and amplify brand messages.

However, when every business has had the same idea, it’s increasingly hard to cut through the noise and stand out.

According to McKinsey, more than half of all customer interactions...

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Should sales or marketing be taking the lead on customer experience?

We all know that delivering true, multi-channel customer experiences is the name of the game in modern day marketing and sales, but who should be in charge?

Obviously, a brands success depends on sales and marketing working in cooperation and in the same direction, but who should own a company’s efforts to create business value through creating great experiences for customers?

A new study from the Chief Marketing Officer Council, SAP Hybris and SellingPower magazine finds that only 7% of interviewed sales...

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Is online ‘e-tailing’ missing the human touch?

Last year the IMRG reported that UK consumers spent a huge £133 billion online – £18 billion more than 2015; growth that is in part fuelled by the 47% year-on-year increase in sales made on smartphones. With figures set to record a further 14% growth for 2017 it’s clear that the retail industry is dealing with a new kind of customer.

As online, mobile-first shopping habits continue to rise, online retailers...

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Re-defining the travel experience through experimentation

Today’s ‘always on’ consumer expects a travel experience that delivers a hyper-personalised package of products and services.

This is challenging the highly competitive travel industry to discover new ways to gain attention and sell their services.

Travel companies must deeply understand consumer preferences and adapt their offers to individual needs. Personalised suggestions, pricing and exclusive offers are extremely valued and can be a key competitive advantage for travel companies.


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The four myths of customer engagement

Customer engagement is critical for brands. If you’re in the game of trying to build better relationships with your customers, you’re on point. Learning what your customers want and then giving it to them; building brand loyalty and advocacy to foster customers for life. What’s not critical about that?

At Thunderhead, we define customer engagement as an ongoing, value-driven relationship between a customer and a business, which is consciously motivated according to the customer’s...

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Adapting for success in an age of disruption

Disruption is set to displace four of the top ten organisations across every industry. But how does disruption occur?

How are challenger brands harnessing it to their advantage? And is it possible to spot a disruptor before they start wreaking havoc in your industry?

While the word disruption may be fast approaching cliché, the sentiment behind it is very real. As is the challenge of responding to young brands...

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Innovative packaging, unboxing videos and creating ‘theatre’

The rise of e-commerce has presented marketers and brand managers with many different challenges. One of the most critical is how to build brand loyalty when shoppers haven’t left their homes or stepped inside a store.

E-commerce may have ushered in an age of convenience but it has also significantly reduced the number of meaningful touchpoints between brand and consumer. This has the potential to seriously impact brand love and repeat purchases.

According to...

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For good measure: Gauging a successful customer experience

Traditionally, customer service has always been thought of as agents sat in a call centre. If you had a problem or a question about your utility bills, or needed to check your bank account or phone tariff, you would make a call to customer services where an agent would deal with your request over the telephone.

Today, the proliferation of channels and connected devices means that customers have more ways than ever to communicate with organisations, whether that is through live chat on a laptop, or tweeting...

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