Delivering the next generation in customer experience for bottom line success


We’ve seen a tectonic shift in the way in which customers engage with organisations in the last few years, with expectations dramatically increasing. Until fairly recently, customer interactions have been largely transactional, but in our mobile, always-on world, those days are gone.

Now we are living in the age of the customer – demonstrated by the fact that 89% of businesses expect customer experience to be the primary basis of...

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Why a great online journey is vital in a world where human contact is rejected

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Buying financial services, utilities, or car insurance can be a complicated task where the assistance of a human is preferred right? Wrong. A new survey shows that when making such purchases only one in five (21%) prefer speaking to a provider in person, rather than doing it themselves online.

The research, by Experian, suggests that the vast majority of customers favour online transactions despite the complexity of the products they are buying. The rate is at its highest in car...

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How data can improve the customer journey in three key areas


Data plays a crucial role in the day to day operation of many organisations, and no self-respecting marketer would act without an understanding of their target market or the interests of potential customers.

In reality, however, not enough businesses fully capitalise on the customer data they have; as Gartner recently stated, the true value of customer data, and its ability to affect the customer journey, is often underestimated by...

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Gartner: From digital marketing to marketing in a digital world


It's a trend you would have to be blind to have not realised – but a new report from Gartner says that digital marketing has now gone mainstream with 98% of marketers saying the world of online and offline marketing are merging.

It may be an obvious statement but it points to a bigger trend - that marketing in the digital age is now the norm and that marketing departments are having to reinvent themselves as a result. “This is a distinction from digital marketing...

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Simplicity pays as discounters top branding charts


In a world where it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed, the ability of brands to simplify our lives is key to brand experience – and is measured by the release this week of the Global Brand Simplicity Index 2015, which has Aldi topping the charts for the third year running.  

Compiled by branding consultancy Siegal+Gale and now in its sixth year, the index measures the simplicity of companies’ brands and experiences through a survey of 12,000 consumers...

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How localisation breeds brand loyalty: The key to positive customer experience


Companies are now able to showcase their brand easier than ever before thanks to the advancements in digital marketing. But with this comes increased competition and the tough challenge of capturing and maintaining their audience’s attention amongst the noise. So how can brands be heard on all channels?

Localisation is about more than just translation, it’s about making sure that you take into consideration your audience’s cultural nuances and preferences when...

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VR, AR, and wearables: Ambient interactivity transforming the marketing experience


The whole scope of ambient interactivity in public places – using virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and wearable technologies – will dramatically expand over the next five years, as these technologies combine to afford more vivid, dynamic, and extensive interactivity. It also means a huge opportunity for marketers.

Ambient interactivity, which typically refers to ambient interactivity embedded or built into physical structures and environments, could also apply to...

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Marrying data and customer experience: Personification in your marketing strategy


If like me you’re starting to think about your 2016 marketing strategy there are a couple of key statistics you should keep front of mind:

These stats will play an important part in your strategy because today’s ultra-connected consumer expects a brand experience to be centred on their personal preferences. This means that to...

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Humanising social: It’s not about B2B or even B2C – but people to people


The human experience is a unique one, rich with emotions and complications. Brands have been trying to imitate and relive experiences that define who we are, from some of the earliest campaigns. From the first time you ride a bike, to your first kiss, companies like Coca-Cola have been finding different ways to connect with their audience since the 1920s.

With the onset of social media, more and more brands are being asked...

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Brand errors on mobile: Poor design and optimisation hamper customer experience


Brands are making basic mistakes on mobile that could be costing them money, according to a new study from strategic multichannel consultancy Practicology and UX testing provider WhatUsersDo.

The report is the second joint Mobile Usability Report from the duo and follows UX testing of the mobile sites of 15 UK retailers that included Amazon UK,, Argos, B&Q, Boohoo, Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Littlewoods, Paperchase, Pets At Home, River Island, Schuh, Sports...

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