A brief history: The rise of wearable technology in marketing


The marketing industry already has a lot to contend with in terms of rapid changes. One particular area that’s growing in popularity at a tremendous rate is the wearable technology market. That market is already worth billions, and a study from Juniper Research predicts that spending on wearables...

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New personalisation tool delivers four times ROI for Ellis Brigham


Despite personalisation being identified as the top digital priority for 2015, in a report from Econsultancy earlier this year Katie Latham, CEO of Blue Bridge Solutions, says too many businesses are still failing to offer a personalised experience and are losing out on sales as a result.

"Most consumers can still cite fairly frequent instances where they are delivered a non-personalised experience.  We talk to retailers on a daily basis and the majority understand the...

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Why retailers are missing opportunities to target consumers en-route


Retailers could do more to win sales from mobile in transit by better reaching out to consumers on this part of the customer journey, according to a new report from the Centre for Retail Research, commissioned by VoucherCodes.co.uk.

The conclusions come from a study that shows mobile is becoming an ever more important part of the customer shopping journey with huge opportunities to engage with consumers en-route.

Although only 11% of those surveyed made purchases whilst travelling...

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Why customers are now your brand's best salespeople

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The consumer landscape has changed considerably in recent years, with customer expectations reaching unprecedented heights, pushed along by the uptake of social media.

Businesses and consumers alike have acknowledged this shift. Survey results released last week revealed that 82 per cent of U.S business leaders believe customers have higher expectations compared to three years ago – with 60...

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Defining the ultimate wearable technology - and what it means for marketers


I sense a revolution on the horizon. A revolution that will slow the advance of technology, but one not stopping the advance. This revolution will redefine who and how the users, consumers, customers will use the next stage of integrated (wearable) convergence technology.

Defining wearable technology

There is, as you can imagine, a broad and somewhat vague definition available of wearable technology. One definition includes the term...

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Zuora new launch and acquisition promises big changes for the subscriber experience

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Subscriber based businesses who want to design engaging subscription experiences have a new tool at their disposal with the launch this week of Z-Insights – a new big data analytics solution from Zuora.

The new solution combines Zuora’s time-dimensional data model with technology from customer usage analytics provider Frontleaf which has been acquired by the company this week. Frontleaf’s employees will be fully integrated into Zuora’s engineering and...

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Marketers must do more to grab consumer attention, research claims


Do you remember the days when your customers focussed solely on one medium which meant that connecting with them was relatively easy? In today’s world of multi-screening this concept is no more. Instead a new survey from Microsoft Advertising suggests that 86% of British consumers are now multiscreening when watching TV, gaming or browsing the web.

For nearly half (47%) of all millennials (ie 18 to 24 year olds) this means that they have high selective attention due to such...

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Brands are losing customers thanks to language barriers and poor online responses


Brands are failing to be fully understood in their interactions with consumers – leading to a very high possibility of losing customers as a result, according to a new report released today.

In a new study Consumers vs Agents, Can the Gap be Closed, from Eptica, it was found that 78% of UK consumers said that getting a response that either partially or completely failed to answer an email or tweet they had sent to a brand was in their top two biggest frustrations. Similarly...

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Why retailers must embrace multichannel communications to succeed

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Retailers who want to ensure effective communications across every stage of the customer journey must recognise and adapt to the different ways customers want to be communicated via, a new report reveals today.

The research, conducted by eDigitalResearch and commissioned by enterprise mobile management specialists OpenMarket, suggests that retailers not only need to ensure they get the channels right but also that they don’t abuse them.

SMS delivers

For customers on the go the...

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More than three quarters of companies don’t have right resources to inform digital strategy


Do you believe that your business has the right resources to understand where it should be going with its digital strategy? A new report conducted by Forrester Consulting suggests that more than three quarters (78%) of organisations don’t.

The respondents said they did not believe that their organisations had the digital performance analytics capabilities required in order to inform digital strategy – both now and in the future.

Although those surveyed for the report realised...

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