GOV.UK's lessons for social engagement and customer experience

GOV.UK launched five years ago, a streamlined, one-stop-shop onling online platform to host all govenment department websites.

It was quite a mammoth, staged task, carried out by the Government Digital Service (GDS). Old, outdated websites such as HMRC’s online portal, which contains reams of information on tax law and guidance, had to be transitioned over slowly but surely.

And while brands only have to tackle their particular consumer base when introducing...

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Global digital ad spend to hit $285bn by 2020

Global digital advertising spend continues to soar, with the latest predictions from Juniper Research estimating a $285bn spend by 2020. 

The figure is a near doubling of the $160bn estimated spend for this year.

Whilst ad blocking adoption may be affecting the market on one hand on the other the report, Worldwide Digital Advertising 2016-2020, found that better audience targeting will still help to drive higher click through rates and increase publisher revenues. 

“Publishers, such as Facebook, are...

How to become a brand 'high-flier'

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Just over 100 years ago, the Wright Brothers made history by flying the world’s first successful aeroplane. What once was considered a miracle now happens more than 100,000 times a day. The UK aviation industry currently generates £60bn revenue, and has its sights set on further growth.

As an example of this growth, Emirates,...

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The rise of chatbots: Why brands are embracing conversation

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It seems scarcely a day goes by without a brand, publisher, or celebrity excitedly announcing the launch of a chatbot.

Conversational AI is helping Facebook Messenger users choose holiday destinations and flights using Skyscanner; Burberry and Selfridges have accounts on WeChat and Line users can even chat to a Taylor Swift bot.

But how did we reach this point? After all, enthusiasm for chatbots represents a significant...

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Why marketers need to go from channel to consumer first marketing

It’s no secret that the new behaviours of hyper-connected consumers are fundamentally changing the interaction between brands and consumers.

Consumers now research, review and consume content anywhere and everywhere – at lightning speed – yet marketing is still stuck in 'channel-orientated thinking'.  

This gap between brands and consumers has generated the keeping-up-with-the-latest-and-greatest questions that now rain down on marketers: 'Have you added social or push messaging to your...

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Why consumer 'love' is vital to your social media monitoring strategy

When the Beatles sang "All you need is love" they certainly weren't talking about social media, which had yet to be imagined. And yet, love is the most important factor to your social monitoring strategy. Here's why:

The trouble with numbers

If the importance of love to social monitoring is surprising, as we know it wasn't always that way. There was a time when the metrics that mattered were those with numerical values: number of likes, mentions, retweets, impressions. These metrics are still part of the...

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A step by step guide to creating the perfect lead nurture campaign

In essence, a nurture campaign is a series of emails meant to familiarize new contacts with a brand, or to provide helpful information. It is easy to do – but requires thought and planning to perfect.

This whitepaper download from iContact takes a step by step look at creating an ideal nurture campaign and how to improve your email marketing game.

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CRM market continues to flourish but Salesforce still leads


The use of customer relationship management (CRM) software continued to grow in 2015, with spend worldwide up by 12.3% to $26.3 billion, according to the latest figures from Gartner released this week.

The top five software vendors accounted for nearly half (45%) of the market, with little change on their 2014 rankings apart from Adobe taking IBM’s fifth place ranking. Salesforce dominated with a near one-fifth market share (19.7%).

SAP came in second place with 10.2%, followed...

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Why you need to start using engagement ad formats to create brand advocates

New ad formats are constantly in demand for brands and agencies alike. Agencies need to show their clients that they have their finger on the pulse of the latest ad technologies and placements. Advertisers must consistently deliver innovative solutions to capture consumer attention.

Yet over the last few years there has been an increasing propensity for cost per engagement (CPE) formats that focus solely on consumer engagement rather than those that drive traffic to brand websites. It’s a trend...

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PageFair: Seven recommendations on how to approach adblocking

Adblocking is still the bane of many publishers and advertisers' lives, with the rising software use set to cost the industry $27bn (£18bn) in lost revenues by 2020. It's certainly a big deal in the UK, where adoption has increased by 82% in the last year.  

Two bodies been trying to counteract this threat are anti-adblocking solution PageFair and Digital Content Next. They...

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