CRM talent: How to define your job role

Digital disruption is profoundly changing marketing roles. The birth of the digitally empowered consumer has turned the tables on traditional business-consumer relationships, resulting in the constantly increasing influence of customer satisfaction on business growth.

Maintaining customers’ loyalty has turned into a digital battle, fought with the weapons of predictive analytics, data-mining, creativity and innovation. Leading the troops are the Directors of CRM.

Director of CRM is a relatively new...

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Why marketing of the future will still revolve around customers

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A lot of ink (or pixels, really) is dedicated to the ways in which marketing organisations are evolving. We’re told that the CMO now has a seat at the CEO’s table, and marketing tentacles now reach into every nook and cranny of the enterprise.

Marketing organisations are no longer made up exclusively of creative types; they’re staffed with just as many data geeks and junkies.

What’s driving this evolution? Can the digital revolution take credit for all of...

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How to use customisation to build consumer loyalty

Personalising the customer journey is the new competitive battleground upon which forward-thinking companies are waging war, and Forrester Research even identified customer experience as a critical success factor for businesses in 2016.

It’s a bit of a throwback to the in-person retail days of yore, when personalisation wasn’t a battle, but a way of life.

Putting customers first wasn’t a strategy as much as a cultural norm. You’d walk into a shop you frequent and be greeted by name,...

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Marketing departments need to 'own' customer experience


The debate over who should own the customer experience process has long since raged on. CMO of global translation and localisation company Lionbridge, Clint Poole, says marketing departments are best placed to take ownership of this for a number of reasons.

US based Lionbridge isn’t a minor organisation. It’s a $600m revenue company with seven acquisitions to date. It’s 20 years old but went public in 1999, making...

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What you need to know before building a brand chatbot

The expectations of millennial and GenZ consumers are changing and in turn, so are the ways they interact with brands. They don’t buy, browse or value products like previous generations.

And yet, brands will still try to reach them using the same old marketing mixes and methods.

It's still obvious, even now, that very few brands have actually adapted their marketing strategy to reach millennials in the places they spend most of their time: mobile messaging apps.

The prevalence of smartphones and the...

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GOV.UK's lessons for social engagement and customer experience

GOV.UK launched five years ago, a streamlined, one-stop-shop onling online platform to host all govenment department websites.

It was quite a mammoth, staged task, carried out by the Government Digital Service (GDS). Old, outdated websites such as HMRC’s online portal, which contains reams of information on tax law and guidance, had to be transitioned over slowly but surely.

And while brands only have to tackle their particular consumer base when introducing...

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Global digital ad spend to hit $285bn by 2020

Global digital advertising spend continues to soar, with the latest predictions from Juniper Research estimating a $285bn spend by 2020. 

The figure is a near doubling of the $160bn estimated spend for this year.

Whilst ad blocking adoption may be affecting the market on one hand on the other the report, Worldwide Digital Advertising 2016-2020, found that better audience targeting will still help to drive higher click through rates and increase publisher revenues. 

“Publishers, such as Facebook, are...

How to become a brand 'high-flier'

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Just over 100 years ago, the Wright Brothers made history by flying the world’s first successful aeroplane. What once was considered a miracle now happens more than 100,000 times a day. The UK aviation industry currently generates £60bn revenue, and has its sights set on further growth.

As an example of this growth, Emirates,...

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The rise of chatbots: Why brands are embracing conversation

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It seems scarcely a day goes by without a brand, publisher, or celebrity excitedly announcing the launch of a chatbot.

Conversational AI is helping Facebook Messenger users choose holiday destinations and flights using Skyscanner; Burberry and Selfridges have accounts on WeChat and Line users can even chat to a Taylor Swift bot.

But how did we reach this point? After all, enthusiasm for chatbots represents a significant...

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Why marketers need to go from channel to consumer first marketing

It’s no secret that the new behaviours of hyper-connected consumers are fundamentally changing the interaction between brands and consumers.

Consumers now research, review and consume content anywhere and everywhere – at lightning speed – yet marketing is still stuck in 'channel-orientated thinking'.  

This gap between brands and consumers has generated the keeping-up-with-the-latest-and-greatest questions that now rain down on marketers: 'Have you added social or push messaging to your...

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