Your customers are speaking – but are you really listening?

Customer-experience metrics have proliferated over the past decade, and chances are that your business relies heavily on one or more of them. But many companies struggle with metrics.

For some, the problem is a disconnect between the metric and business performance; for others, it’s a loss of confidence among frontline workers when the metrics don’t seem to explain big swings in customer satisfaction.

Further, in some companies, there is confusion about whether transactional or relational...

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The three foundations of modern customer service

The airline industry faces many challenges, from a growing number of low cost challengers to fluctuating fuel prices, but major carriers have always differentiated themselves with a high quality customer experience.

That is, until now. 2017 has seen established airlines around the world receive negative media coverage for their treatment of customers, putting their major value proposition in jeopardy and giving their competitors an even further boost.

It may be easy to blame a single flight attendant or...

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Turning full circle on voice: it’s time for brands to be seen and heard

Voice is fast becoming a chief differentiator for brands. Where Firefox has just integrated new voice search plug-ins to regain a competitive edge, non-tech companies including Ryanair have unveiled integration with Alexa enabling customer to search for flights, hotels and flight status via its website.

While Alexa occupies the headlines, voice can feel somewhat distant to consumers who have...

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5 reasons you should encourage consumers to call you

With the ever-rising usage of technology and digital platforms, there are growing concerns over which marketing platforms are working and which aren’t.

Whether you’re marketing across online or offline platforms, it is vital that you measure your data to determine which methods of marketing are proving useful.

However, one of the most important areas marketers aren’t collecting relevant data from is customer phone calls. Businesses should be encouraging more verbal interaction with customers because calls...

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Blazing a trail: brand evangelism at scale

We all have our list of favourite, go-to brands - those companies that we’d never stray from. It’s incredible how they take us on a path from casual customer to being so fiercely loyal that we find ourselves preaching to others about how amazing their product or service is.

One of my personal favourites that I always talk about is SuitSupply, mostly because I struggle to find the time to shop. SuitSupply takes away the stress of shopping with their level of personal, smart, social service...

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The cardinal sin of B2B companies: neglecting the end consumer

As a COO of a B2B SAAS company, I make it my mission to understand exactly what our customers and consumers are looking for - and I don’t just mean the ones making the decisions. It doesn’t take much digging to realise that the decision to buy B2B is not taken by the company’s decision makers, but is also influenced in large part by those who are actually going to be using the product: the employees.

Within every company, introducing a new software is challenging and employee adoption is...

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Create a captivating presentation in 6 steps

Public speaking can be a daunting prospect, especially when the audience tends to form an opinion in the first 60-seconds of the presentation. Catching the attention of the audience, building credibility and motivating them to listen isn’t an easy task.

There’s nothing worse than spending hours planning, preparing and practising – only to find you lost the entire group just moments after beginning.

Giving an effective presentation means working with both the audience and the topic....

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Making online dating personal

There’s no hiding from the fact that we live in a digital world. An increasing number of our interactions with friends, business associates and companies happen online and the internet has become a powerful force that has inflicted changes on every sector.

The dating industry is no exception. Rather, this particular industry is a prime example of one that has fully embraced technological and digital advancement for the better – and more specifically, to achieve its aim of helping users find their...

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The dawn of Mixed Reality – Five things to look out for

Multichannel marketing is a phrase that is frequently banded about by the marketing community; a seemingly utopic idea for reaching every customer, everywhere and with everything at their disposal.

The problem with this is that it can complicate the online and offline worlds for consumers, who are looking for greater convenience at a much-reduced time spend.

brands have struggled to merge the online and offline 

To date, brands have struggled to merge the online and offline worlds because the actual...

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Identifying the Achilles heel of successful B2B enterprises

It is ironic that the point of B2B enterprise – offering scalable solutions to provide value – is the very thing that creates distance in their relationships with customers. Audience segmentation, analytics, business systems, workflows… all are set up to be efficient. And all that task-based activity makes it easy to focus on the business’ ‘belly button’ rather than on an actual client.

Many enterprises today find themselves entrenched in existing processes, relying on...

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