Where does call intelligence fit into an already crowded martech landscape?

As customers’ paths to purchase become increasingly complex, marketers are under mounting pressure to evidence their contribution to ROI within the multichannel mix.

But with more tech platforms to integrate than ever before, is there room for call intelligence within the growing martech stack?

Despite the significant evolution of the call tracking and intelligence market, the technology, to date, is utilised by less than 5% of businesses that could benefit from it. In part...

Are we entering the era of ‘Collaborative Exchanges’?

Is the era of organisation-led customer interactions being replaced by a system where the locus of control is negotiated between brands and consumers in collaboration?

A new report, titled From UX to CX: Rethinking the Digital User Experience as a Collaborative Exchange, from the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy and Capgemini Consulting contends that we are entering a new era: that of ‘collaborative exchanges’ (CX).

Based on two years of research with customer-facing organisations and analysis of the ways...

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The transformative potential of AI

The AI market is evolving very quickly, in two quite different directions.

The first, aligned to the IoT trend, is the application of AI to a given specific, focused use case – such as IBM’s Watson giving tax advice, self-driving cars, or consumer-focused online chatbots.

There are lots of these specific use cases, and generally they can or do operate in isolation: you don’t need any of the others for it to work. 

The second flavour of AI is broader and more all-pervasive – the...

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Is your web site accessible? Five steps to start now

When it comes to accessibility and web design, you’d think it would be a matter of hand in glove.

After all, in the UK there are 2.7 million colour-blind people and 70% of the UK population wearing glasses. On top of this, 1 in 30 suffer with sight loss, and 10% of the UK population has dyslexia (4% with severe cases).

Unfortunately, however, this romantic notion of inclusivity just doesn’t reflect reality as a shocking amount of websites today aren’t built with their accessibility in...

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Brands face heavy cost for not living up to consumer expectations

As customer expectations of what a consistent omni-channel retail experience constitutes continue to grow, brands that don’t live up face harsh punishments in terms of lost sales and revenue.

Research carried out on behalf of supply chain specialists Zetes shows exactly how little patience the modern consumer has when a retail experience doesn’t meet their expectations.

The survey of over 2,000 consumers and 214 retailers across Europe, found that 70% of customers would not be willing to wait for...

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Chatbots market to be worth $3,172 million by 2021

The smart advisors/chatbot market will grow in value from $703 million in 2016 to $3,172 million by 2021, according to MarketsandMarkets.

This represents a compound annual growth rate of 35.2% between 2016 and 2021.

The research highlights a number of factors that will drive this rising demand. As well as the increasing penetration of websites and mobile applications, other drivers are a growing demand for intelligent customer engagement, the desire to better understand consumer behaviour and the widespread...

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Great loyalty schemes: six core principles

Brands that craft excellent loyalty programmes know that they are all about the customer – not the business.

The benefits of long-term customer loyalty are self-evident. But, without providing the rewards and relationships that people want, that loyalty just isn’t going to happen.

Effective loyalty programmes focus on the wants and needs of individual programme members, and then align them to the sales goals of the business (rather than the other way around).

Businesses that want to provide a...

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Using customer reviews to drive CTR and conversions

Consumers have never been so empowered, with information, insights, and analysis at their fingertips.

However, we are also living in the age of distrust, with Edelman’s 2017 Trust Barometer reporting the largest-ever drop in trust across institutions of government, business, media and NGOs. 

Put simply, consumers are more skeptical than ever and are changing the way they make purchasing decisions.

consumers are more skeptical than ever and are changing the way they make purchasing decisions

Today, more than

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Creating the ultimate digital retail experience for your customers

Shopping is no longer about simply going into a shop. It’s all about engagement.

It is the age of the customer and in this fast-paced, competitive, dynamic digital world, customers are bombarded with between 3000-5000 messages daily via numerous channels.

New digital technologies and channels have multiplied and will continue to do so. Even in store, customers are using a multitude of different devices to research, review and ultimately purchase goods and services.

All these touch points present an...

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Taking steps towards cognitive computing

There has been a limited amount of practical applications of A.I and cognitive computing to date. There is, however, little doubt amongst marketers that these technologies have the potential to create seismic changes in the way businesses interact with their customers.

While these trends are undeniably exciting and revolutionary, they present as many challenges as they do opportunities.

The next few years will see organisations start to get to grips with what A.I and cognitive computing can offer. While there...

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