Unlock the data goldmine to make your customer experience shine

You’ve probably heard it before that ‘data is the oil of the 21st century.’ We’re operating in a digital economy where data is more valuable than ever and in today’s connected world, marketers are sitting on a data goldmine.

The challenge is, how does one turn data into insight and action and use it to return the customer to the heart of the business?

The new digital economy dictates that old rules don’t apply and this is evident in the evolution of the customer...

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Don’t think about the customer; think about the experience

So many retailers strive to compete on how much they know their customers at the expense of providing a great service or experience.

Simply ‘knowing’ your customer isn’t an automatic assurance that you’ll then convert their visit into a purchase or secure long-lasting brand affinity.

No doubt, retailers need to know who their customers are and what they’re going to respond to. But too much emphasis is often placed on getting under the skin of consumers to know their every move,...

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Is there a future for marketing? The change will come quicker than we think

There is no future for marketing.

AI, VR, VRS, holography, real-time marketing, branded apps, brand-based gaming, interactives, drones (UAVs), wearables, personalisation, targeted video content, autonomous technologies, expanded and manufactured social media networks, marketing technologies and data scientists. All will be (are and have been) slowly deconstructing, destroying what we today call marketing.

In its place will be a hybrid, a fusion, and a convergence of life experience, narrative, storytelling,...

How CX is spearheading marketing transformation

The changing expectations of the customer is forcing many organisations to rethink how they market their brands, their goods and their services. How they are going about this could be referred to as marketing transformation. Akin to digital transformation, marketing transformation is concerned with bringing value to customers via a better and fuller customer experience (CX).

To provide better CX, you need to create a holistic and unified experience...

Young consumers expect ‘perks’ in exchange for loyalty

Brand loyalty is the holy grail of marketing in today’s crowded marketplace. In an environment where consumers can find a multitude of willing providers for any product, getting people coming back to you regularly is the key to long-term success.

But what is the price of loyalty and should consumers who keep coming back be actively rewarded for doing so?

Young consumers in the UK certainly seem to think so.

A survey of 1,500 British consumers by Banking Refunds found that 35% appreciate brands that go...

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From Westworld to Westfield: AI is transforming the retail experience

AI has fascinated humankind for decades, as we both dreamt and feared what a programmed intelligence could be capable of. For many years this speculation was strictly the stuff of science fiction, but now technological advancements have taken AI off the page and into our everyday lives.

A wide range of businesses are actively experimenting with how both AI and other exciting technologies such as augmented reality (AR) can change the way they communicate with and sell to customers.

But it’s the retail...

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The future of mobile engagement is here… kind of

Mobile engagement. It’s a fun, often unexplained, often overused phrase we hear tossed around in the marketing and advertising industry. But what is mobile engagement? And, how is it changing?

Before we look to the future, let’s take a step back. For years, brands have been trying to wrap their heads around the best way to reach mobile consumers. They’ve done it by creating apps, rolling out mobile ad campaigns and other varied approaches. Yet, according to a recent report from

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Beyond personalisation: Why it’s time to ‘be brave’ to transform the customer experience

“The painful reality is that establishing a personal bond with individual customers is hard for omnichannel retailers,” an article for Fourth Source recently opined. “While it’s true that digital retail generates a lot of data relating to individual customers, which can be extracted and utilised both online and in the store, few businesses have successfully struck the balance between helpful and...

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The challenges of marketing via voice recognition technology

Digital marketing strategy is transitioning away from a ‘type-only’ search model, fuelled by the proliferation of voice-enabled digital assistants such as Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.  Digital marketers have been responding to the trend by focusing their efforts in areas such as optimising brand visibility in Google snippets to respond to the rise in voice-search question asking.  Brands are now being offered even...

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Online fashion: Three big issues only AI-enabled retailers can overcome

Fashion retailers are using AI to augment human input in merchandising, and deliver a step change in online sales performance.

A recent IMRG report - Fixing Fashion - included some facts and figures that will be all too familiar to a lot of people working in online fashion retail.  

Customer loyalty is on the decline, abandonment rates are up and conversion rates are falling fast - by 28% since 2010.

Much of this is self-inflicted.  

Not every fashion retailer is suffering - just those that cling to an outdated...