Gen Z is the nastiest generation with online reviews

46% of Brits say they wouldn’t buy a product or service from a company if a review said it was of poor quality, a survey from small business credit card company Capital on Tap has revealed.

To help business owners, the survey sheds light on what causes people to leave reviews - both positive and negative - as well as the cities across the UK are the most likely to leave negative feedback. 

The full research can be viewed here:...

64% of Brits in favour of Gen AI marketing

Almost two-thirds (64%) of consumers feel personalised recommendations are important and nearly a third (30%) go as far as to say that personalised recommendations are one of the top ways that brands can improve their overall digital experience. 

However, consumers say greater personalisation must not come at the expense of privacy and data governance with 92% citing that brands must use their data responsibly. 

This is according to Adobe's Digital Trends Report,...

Google introduces advanced AI advertising tools at Marketing Live

Google introduces advanced AI advertising tools at Marketing Live event

Google's new creative tools and immersive ad formats made a big impact on digital marketing at Google Marketing Live.

The annual event was in full swing in New York, where the search giant unveiled numerous innovations. These game-changing advancements provide marketers with new ways to interact with consumers and enhance their advertising campaigns.

Among the most notable introductions is a new search ad experience currently undergoing testing, with plans for wider...

What tech has revolutionised online casino the most? 

Online casino has enjoyed a stellar rise over the past few years as it continues to ride the wave of advancing technology and software. The introduction of new and improved tech has changed society and is driving us rapidly into a more digital future. The online realm is a space that is becoming more congested with industries and companies trying to effectively implement new tech innovations into their daily operations and many like the online casino industry are benefiting from new...

2 in 5 customers are concerned about AI ethics

Two in five (43%) customers are concerned about ethical AI use, a report from customer experience specialist CX Network has revealed.

29% of CX professionals record a positive impact on customer loyalty as a result of their use of generative AI, but with customers levelling up their understanding of how AI works and uses company data, 55% of CX professionals agree that data privacy and security is becoming more important to customers. As a result, customers are demanding tighter...

3.3 million fake reviews removed in 2023, as total reviews surged to a record 54 million

Smiley faces with a tick next to a happy face.

Trustpilot, the global online consumer review platform, has released its latest Transparency Report, showcasing its efforts to uphold trust between businesses and consumers during a record year for reviews published on the platform.  

In 2023, 54 million reviews were published on Trustpilot globally, a 17% increase from 2022. Meanwhile, over a million businesses were reviewed, one-fifth of them for the first time, helping consumers make informed purchasing...

Acquia expands digital experience platform with launch of digital experience optimisation solution

A Space X rocket launching.

Acquia, a specialist in open digital experience software, has expanded its digital experience platform, Acquia DXP, with the launch of Acquia Digital Experience Optimization (DXO).

The new solution makes Acquia the first of any DXP vendor to offer a complete offering to maximise content relevance, search performance, and conversions. In addition to the previously announced Monsido acquisition offering site governance and accessibility, Acquia’s new DXO solution will include two...

43% of Gen Z think ads in games ruin the experience

The ZBD Gen Z Gamer Study has shed light on the central role that video gaming plays in how 18-25 year olds play, socialise, express themselves and engage with brands and influencers.

Based on a survey of more than 2,000 Gen Z gamers in the US, the study is a deep dive exploration of what shapes Gen Z behavior, with invaluable insights for brands, advertisers, game developers and publishers. 

It is estimated Gen Z’s spending power is upwards of $360bn in the US...

76% of airline websites are ‘not accessible enough for disabled users’

76% of UK, European and American airlines fall short of website accessibility requirements, according to research from digital marketing agency Impression.

With 6,000 Google searches for the term "flight booking" in the past month alone, the summer holiday season is well and truly upon us.

As May’s multiple bank holidays give holidaymakers that festive feeling, many will head online to book their annual getaway.

However, some might fall into difficulties...

Oracle introduces AI capabilities to help companies boost sales

Oracle has unveiled new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities within Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX) to help marketers, sellers, and service agents accelerate deal cycles.

The new AI capabilities will help organisations generate more sales faster by automating time-consuming tasks and enabling front office professionals to more precisely target, engage, and serve buyers.

Katrina Gosek, VP of product strategy, Oracle Cloud CX, said: “AI is...