Why guest blogs can be your brand’s best friend

Since the Google Penguin update hit earlier this year, online marketers have been faced with a simple choice: go ethical, go high-quality, or go home. 

Black-hat techniques such as keyword stuffing, duplicated content and link bombing were heavily penalised by Panda and Penguin – with many search queries affected. What this means today is that it’s more important than ever for a website to feature good quality, regularly-updated content and links from reputable, relevant sources.


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Content marketing tips for beginners

content marketingGuest blog by Steve Jones Social Media Manager at Corporate Zest

If your business has unlimited funds to spend on advertising or does not need to find new customers, then social media and content marketing probably aren’t for you. If,...

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How is social media affecting the #Election2012?

Two pieces of research have uncovered intriguing social media trends relating to the US presidential elections.

Research from Pew has revealed that social media commenters were "relentlessly negative" about Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and far harsher than the mainstream media; while research from market analysts Mindshare reveals that Republicans are more likely to interact with social media.

Given that the 2008 contest was widely considered the first ‘digital election’, there has been a lot of...

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Why B2B content should promote thought leadership

B2B decision makers spend time doing research online. In order to stand out above the rest of your competition and get noticed, it’s important to invest in content marketing. Content is what helps fuel SEO and social media strategies. Without content, it’s difficult to find success online today. Many B2B marketers understand this concept, yet are still creating the wrong kind of content.

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What does your social media activity say about you?

The world is full of mixed messages, and the world of business is no exception.

When someone spam emails us selling their SEO services, it sends us a mixed message. We wonder why they need to send us spam, if their SEO is supposed to be able to generate stacks of sales leads.

When a small business owner claims to offer a professional service, yet they operate behind an amateur or cheap looking website, it sends us a...

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The #NeverSeconds PR debacle: What should they have done?

In a classic example of how not to respond to social media criticism, Argyle and Bute Council in Scotland was forced into a confusing climb down on Friday, after provoking a worldwide backlash by banning a nine year old girl from photographing her school dinners to post on her blog.

In Martha Payne’s NeverSeconds blog, the schoolgirl documented and rated her lunch every day, scoring her meals out of ten on a ‘Food-o-meter’, and noting important information...

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Is a paid blog review worth it?

I’m on the fence about paid blog reviews. I think one every now and again is a great way to get valuable inbound links, generate new visitors to your site, build your online brand presence and more, but you have to be careful to not rely too heavily on paid reviews.

If you are thinking about paying for a blog review, it’s important that you pick a blog that will actually help your brand.

Here are five things to look at when considering a paid blog review:

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