How often should I check analytics?

Every business today should have a website, but just setting up a website really isn’t good enough. If you’re going to invest in website design and hosting, it’s important to monitor the success of the website in order to look for ways to improve it.

That’s why it’s necessary to set up a Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics is a free tool...

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The money making potential of Facebook? [infographic]

"In-site advertising is the money-making engine for Facebook, and it hasn’t even been unleashed. Facebook is just starting to put ads into the newsfeed," said Justin Kistner, Director of Social Products, Webtrend.

"If it puts one ad per person, per day, and sells that inventory to 500 million daily active users at $0.02 per person ($20 CPM), Facebook could rack up $3.6 billion in extra revenue. If Facebook releases one ad per person, per session — which is still very noninvasive — it...

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6 iconic bands and their social media startup twins

Joining a band was once the holy grail of coolness.  In a time when “seed funding” only referred to money set aside for growing weed, young people convened in garages and basements to bend out-of-tune guitar strings and hope for the day a cigar-smoking record executive would hand them a jumbo jet on which to tour the world and abuse groupies.

Nowadays, the institution of ultimate hipness is the social media startup.  The out-of-tune guitar is now a four-year-old MacBook Pro.  The...

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Yahoo sues Facebook over patent infringement

Yahoo is taking Facebook to court over alleged patent infringement.

The social network has been blamed to have broken 10 of Yahoo’s patents based on advertising, privacy and social networking.

Filed in federal court in San Jose, California on Monday, the lawsuit claims that Facebook uses Yahoo technologies, which are included in its News Feed, customisation options and how to view friends’ activity. Yahoo wants Facebook to get a license in order to continue using them.

Yahoo stated:...

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Is your smartphone stressing you out?

A UK student unwittingly found himself at the centre of a media storm after his psychology research into smartphone use appeared to strike perilously close to the mark, raising questions about how businesses and individuals utilise connectivity, and the effects it can have on peoples' well being.

Richard Balding’s study, submitted to the British Psychological Society, investigated the link between smartphone use and stress. It was picked up by a number of media organisations after it found that people...

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Google Chrome overtakes Firefox in browser race

Google Chrome has become the second most popular web browser in the world after overtaking Mozilla Firefox, according to new statistics.

The web browser holds 25.69% of the market, whilst Firefox has 25.23%. Google's percentage increased by nearly 5% since 2009. Microsoft's Internet Explorer is still number 1 in the worldwide market, holding just over 40% of browser usage.


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More sources point to Facebook Gowalla deal

Speculation is rife that Facebook is about to acquire the Texas-based social check-in service Gowalla.

Late last week, a source close to Gowalla confirmed to CNN Money that a deal was imminent. Earlier today, All Things Digital blogged about a letter sent to investors by Gowalla CEO Josh Williams that appeared to confirm that a deal was in the works. “This story was leaked from an uknown...

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Android Market Sees Continued Growth

Research2guidance’s latest report, ‘Android Market Insights’, examines download patterns and the number of new applications added to the Android Market over the last few months.

US Android Users Downloaded 240 Million Apps in September 2011

The United States remains the largest market for Android in terms of user base and number of apps downloaded with US Android users generating over 50 percent of all Android app downloads; totaling nearly 3.5 billion.

The US comprised 42.3 percent of all...

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