Will Airtime be the next hot trend?

You have probably heard of Airtime by now. It's the new social media site, created by Napster co-founders Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning, that links our lives online at random and in real time.

By buddying up with Facebook, Airtime enables you to make direct calls - aka video chats - to Facebook friends, family, and fans. It also enables matched video chat with virtual strangers, through Facebook’s “liked” topics.

So, if I like, say, a retail store and you like it too, we...

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How big is the SEO industry? [infographic]

Everywhere you turn on the web these days someone is ranting about how important SEO is to online growth — they are right.

It is also important to understand that not all SEO is the right SEO. There are many individuals and providers offering search engine optimization efforts which is why this infographic should not surprise you too much.

The folks over at bluecaribu recently put this infographic together showcasing the raw...

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How eSignatures can align marketing & sales

Marketing and sales departments exist to make it easier for customers to bring their business to an organization. From studying the impact of specific marketing messages to crafting personalized sales packages, sales and marketing professionals work hard to move customers closer to the brand and to earn their loyalty.

So why do so many teams drop this customer-centric philosophy at the most critical moment of the relationship – the contract process? Traditional, paper-based contracting is cumbersome,...

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Are the new top-level domains going to give brands more power?

The news that two companies are willing to pay $185,000 for .sex may seem shocking at first glance, but it becomes perfectly innocent with the news of the new “top-level domains” available to companies.

The announcement from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) of a new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) program which will hugely extend the list of potential domains and web pages has been praised...

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Blanket porn opt-in filter would be a mistake, says Google

Forcing UK internet users to opt-in for access to online porn wouldn't be very effective and would do nothing to help parents educate their children on the dangers of the internet, a Google spokeswoman said this week.

The UK government has been wrestling with the question of adult content on the internet; specifically how to protect innocent children from the heaps of filth available online.

It is currently consultation with ISPs is the suggestion that internet smut filters be imposed across the board, and...

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Facebook IPO: Opportunities for brands and marketers

With Facebook’s highly anticipated IPO announced on Friday, the press has been covering all kinds of depressing opinions from sceptics, pessimists, and suit-wearing Wall Street executives. Yes, it’s important to play devil’s advocate and look at the Facebook IPO from all sides, but don’t let the tidal wave of doom saying drown out the obvious: Facebook has a lot of trump cards left to play.

Financial analysts, the media and venture capital investors are poking holes in the Facebook...

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Facebook IPO: How will Zuck bring home the bacon?

Shares in the social media behemoth Facebook will begin trading on the Nazdaq in just a few hours, signalling a turning point in one of the tech world’s most exciting sagas.

Mark Zuckerberg’s mind boggling audience of approaching a billion users has had investors salivating at its sheer immensity; ‘that many people can’t fail to make us money, surely’.

Ringing the bell to open trading in New York today, the 28 year old hoodie-wearer, whose laid back attire riled Wall Street...

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How often should I check analytics?

Every business today should have a website, but just setting up a website really isn’t good enough. If you’re going to invest in website design and hosting, it’s important to monitor the success of the website in order to look for ways to improve it.

That’s why it’s necessary to set up a Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics is a free tool...

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The money making potential of Facebook? [infographic]

"In-site advertising is the money-making engine for Facebook, and it hasn’t even been unleashed. Facebook is just starting to put ads into the newsfeed," said Justin Kistner, Director of Social Products, Webtrend.

"If it puts one ad per person, per day, and sells that inventory to 500 million daily active users at $0.02 per person ($20 CPM), Facebook could rack up $3.6 billion in extra revenue. If Facebook releases one ad per person, per session — which is still very noninvasive — it...

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6 iconic bands and their social media startup twins

Joining a band was once the holy grail of coolness.  In a time when “seed funding” only referred to money set aside for growing weed, young people convened in garages and basements to bend out-of-tune guitar strings and hope for the day a cigar-smoking record executive would hand them a jumbo jet on which to tour the world and abuse groupies.

Nowadays, the institution of ultimate hipness is the social media startup.  The out-of-tune guitar is now a four-year-old MacBook Pro.  The...

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