Taco Bell thinks “outside the bun” to create breakthrough innovation

Taco Bell Thinks “Outside the Bun” to Create Breakthrough Innovation

Back when I was in college, professors frowned upon the idea of borrowing the works of others and passing them off as your own (maybe they still do – I don’t know, I’m old).  They called it “cheating,” said it was “wrong” and “unethical.”  Not that I would know any of this first-hand, of course.


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Netflix alters its ‘Long Term View’ again as Hulu unveils BBC deal

The past couple of days have held a few interesting developments in TV consumption, with Netflix changing the wording of its company vision statement, and Hulu announcing a programme share deal with BBC North America.

The change to Netflix’s Long Term View wasn’t announced by the TV streaming provider, yet was picked up on by analysts who note a more confident approach to Netflix’s business operations in the statement.

“Over the coming decades and...

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IBM launches Digital Marketing Network, aims to improve CMO performance

IBM has launched the Digital Marketing Network, a piece of software in the cloud which aims to improve CMO performance and give them real-time access to company data.

With a recent survey from the tech giant indicating that $83bn of sales globally slips through each year because of poor customer experience, this new offering, part of IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative, will help to shore up some of these gaps.

Among the services offered include syndicated real-time analytics to the likes of Google...

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Microsoft changes digital marketing strategy for Windows and Surface

To say it’s been troubling times at Redmond over the past few months would be an understatement. Yet Microsoft will hope to turn things around, with the help of marketing agency Razorfish.

As reported by Ad Age Razorfish, which already covers digital consumer marketing for Xbox and Bing, will expand its portfolio to include Surface and Windows.

Amidst the various announcements made by Microsoft at its Gamescom keynote earlier today –...

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How can marketers make their salespeople more successful?

In Daniel Pink’s new book, To Sell is Human, Pink talks about information asymmetry in the sales process. He points out that the reason people have historically distrusted salespeople is because salespeople had all the information and the buyer had none. That explains the popularity of the term caveat emptor (let the buyer beware).

Pink contends that we are now in the age of information symmetry.

In this age, the buyer and seller both have a balance of information. However, I contend that we are in a state of...

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15 best ways to promote your content effectively

15 Content Marketing Tips

There are those who stubbornly hold on to the view that if you generate great content then you do not need to work that hard to promote it. If this were true once when there wasn’t so much content online then it is certainly not true anymore. The harsh reality today is that the World Wide Web is full of great content that never gets seen.

You really do not have a choice but to very aggressively promote your content if you want it to reach a significant audience as you build up your website.

Here are 15 of the very best methods you can use to promote your content effectively.

1) The right keywords

The vast majority of people find the content they are looking for online using keywords. That means that nobody can ignore keyword research and hope to get away with it. While it is true that keyword research can be cumbersome and extremely time consuming the truth is that everything and anything you do to ensure that you have used the right popular keyword phrases on...

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If print is dead, then how is it serving meals?

With the rise of digital, social, niche, and hyper-local content and reporting, it’s true that “traditional” print publications don’t hold the same command as we’ve known them to have for the past 400 or so years. But to paraphrase the oft used quote “the report of its death was an exaggeration.” 

It seems that for the past five years, ongoing reports of the “death of print media” have made people wonder whether their local paperboy would be going the...

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SEO and social media: Why the war?

By Amy@BubbleJobsHere at Bubble, we think a bit of competition and rivalry is healthy across different sectors and departments… and it’s fair to say that rivalry is definitely alive and well in the digital sector in 2013. Now, while old-school debates like the historic SEO/PPC argument continue to rage, new ones are sparking up all the time as brands fight to find the best strategy for their online marketing efforts.

The flavour of the week in the digital rivalry stakes? It has to...

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Why every business leader should understand digital

As the influence of the internet continues to play a larger role for a majority of businesses, having a digitally connected leader who is confident with using digital channels to support their business strategy is essential.

With 33 million people in the UK using the internet on a daily basis, with half of this total using social media every day, it has never been easier for business leaders to interact directly with their audiences by adopting a ‘Personal Touch’ method of communication.


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