How CB Heat Pumps made £1.5m in sales in just 72 hours

In 1999, CB Heating was established by a very young and talented apprentice trained plumber, Clayton Browne.

Clayton saw a future in renewable energy when he was working with Thermal Solar Energy systems more than 20 years ago. As new technologies developed and emerged on to the market, he was keen to explore and embrace them. Clayton Installed his first Air Source Heat pump with an underfloor heating system on a beautiful barn conversion all the way back in the year 2000. Since...

Serena Williams’ venture fund invests seven figures In British martech platform

Serena Williams at a press conference.

OpenSponsorship (OS), a sports marketing tech start-up founded in New York by British entrepreneur Ishveen Jolly, has secured a seven-figure investment from Serena Ventures to help the business expand into the UK.

OpenSponsorship has partnered athletes with campaigns from brands such as Walmart, Foot Locker and Levi’s, was launched in the USA in 2015 after Ishveen – who was then a sports agent – realised and then grew frustrated with the obtuse and restrictive way in which...

Affise launches partnership marketing platform

Affise CRO Tanya Grypachevskaya.

Partnership marketing tech provider, Affise, has launched its latest product - Affise Reach - which allows brands to directly organise, implement, and measure partnership marketing campaigns without support from a third party.

Brands will benefit from an unprecedented control over their outcome-based marketing campaigns. Using Affise Reach, marketing teams can search a database of vetted partners, which includes everything from web, social, and mobile app advertising. After...

Ru Roberts, Waze: On non-distracting and privacy-conscious advertising

MarketingTech caught up with Ru Roberts, UK Country Manager for Waze, to discuss how the popular satellite navigation app advertises to drivers in a responsible manner.

As a free app, Waze relies on advertising. However, displaying ads to drivers could be a recipe for disaster.

Waze has faced its fair share of criticisms in the past for distracting drivers. Early users will remember things like messages from random drivers popping up constantly. Fortunately, Waze heard...

Kevin the Carrot ranked most Googled Christmas advert character

Kevin the Carrot.

Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot is the most Googled Christmas advert character, according to data from Google trends.

The friendly little vegetable has been crowned the best Christmas advert character, after data comparing Google searches over the last five years revealed that Kevin the Carrot is the most Googled Christmas advert character.

The data as compiled based on the top six UK retailers, who release hotly anticipated Christmas adverts every year, including John Lewis,...

Doritos launches augmented reality summer campaign

Bag of doritos

Doritos has launched its ‘Make Your Play’ platform, a campaign aimed at encouraging music fans to return to events this summer as social distancing restrictions continue to ease.

The campaign will utilise augmented reality (AR) technology developed by Poplar Studio and 8th Wall on interactive posters throughout the UK.

Those who spot the posters can scan a QR code and access the AR experience, where a play button stylised in the form of the iconic Dorito chip will be...

Are you dialling in? Best practice for virtual and hybrid presentations

The past year has brought a magnitude of changes for the marketing teams that most people thought would take a decade to take hold. The immediate impact of the pandemic was cancelled events, and sales presentations and marketing activity had to be re-geared for a virtual environment. Of course, the entire world of business communications had to change. 

The past year has condensed a huge amount of learning into a short space of time, and there’s plenty of best practice you...

Case study: B2B marketing is tired: How Wasabi used its entertainment roots to spice things up

Remember the heydey of jingles? The short song that accompanied commercials for your favourite products, one that would start playing in your head out of the blue even if you hadn’t seen the ad in days, weeks, months, years? Even after all this time I still find myself humming the theme for Klondike Bars, Band-Aid Brand and Oscar Meyer… maybe it’s my brain’s subliminal messaging for telling me I’m hungry.

Like any fresh marketing professional coming out of college, I...

Sustainable Marketing: How to Drive Profits with Purpose book extract: On CEO and brand activism

Whether you think it is a good thing, or a bad thing, CEO activism is a real thing!

There are an increasing number of CEOs taking a stand on political and social issues. Their view is that a company should have a higher purpose beyond maximizing shareholder value, and that they can use their position of power as a force for raising awareness and doing good. Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, has written extensively on the topic.

In his latest book, Trailblazer – The...

MarketingTech 2020 review: Covid-19, CMO strategy, and compassion

How tough was 2020 for marketers amid a global pandemic? In many ways, it depended on your industry. But navigating Covid-19 was a struggle for all.

It was okay to not be okay at times, with the knowledge that 2021 will - all being well - improve, and the knowledge of the marketing best practices which emerged over 2020. As Scott Brinker put it to this publication in December: "This is stressful, but you're not alone. Everyone's in the same boat, so that makes it a little bit...