Why programmatic needs to empower the value of brand advertising


It’s no secret that programmatic has taken the advertising industry by storm, but questions continue to be asked over its ability to deliver digital brand campaigns effectively, as was brought to light at the recent IAB Real Time Advertising Conference.

One of the key obstacles frequently cited is a disconnect with advertising creatives. Programmatic teams tend to be technology focused, and the resulting jargon and acronyms have creatives running for cover. Yet the ability to...

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Why luxury brands are missing out on maximum ROI from online and offline

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Luxury brands are missing out on maximising sales by better combining both online and offline shopping behaviours of their customers, according to a new report.

Online retail is a market that luxury retailers have long feared since they are less able to control and maximise the brand experience in the same way that they are able to in their physical store environments. And yet the report shows that consumers buying luxury brands both online and instore actually spend around 50% more...

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Lessons for brands at MWC16: Creating compelling, tech-driven experiences

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Mobile World Congress (MWC) can be a strange and inhospitable environment for the uninitiated, with its cavernous aircraft hangers, huge crowds, and endless aisles of things to see. It’s also a huge challenge for the companies that attend: everyone is competing for attention, and there’s only so much of it to go around. 

For brands, the secret of success is to resist the temptation to just talk about their products, and to instead seize the opportunity to...

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App or mobile optimised site: Which is right for your mCommerce strategy?

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Everyone in the industry knows eCommerce is growing and it’s growing fast. Retail eCommerce has a projected growth rate of 13% globally between 2013 and 2016. But, if you think 13% in annual growth is a lot, consider that, worldwide, mCommerce is outpacing standard eCommerce three to one. According to PYMNTS, the “average compound annual growth rate for mobile commerce is...

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Why app owners and brands are missing out on a valuable marketing opportunity


Brands are missing out on app traffic, engagement and conversions simply by failing to let content from their apps show up in Google’s organic search results.

The claim follows research by search and content performance company Searchmetrics which showed that less than a third of iOS and Android apps are able to support Google app indexing (deep linking).

The company studied 100 of the most visible websites in Google US searches and found that 84% offer an Android app. However only...

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Brands still failing to respond to online customer queries well enough


In the world of the always-on consumer it’s expected that brands and companies react just as quickly – especially when it comes to customer queries. But a new survey shows companies are still failing on this.

Although brands performed better at responding to customer service queries via social media than email, rates were still low with UK brands answering 48% of queries on Twitter and 44% via Facebook. This compared to UK brands answering only 38% of questions via...

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Are loyalty schemes a game changer, or have they lost their way?

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Brand loyalty, in marketing terms, describes a customer’s commitment to repurchase and can be demonstrated by the repeated buying of a product or service. It also refers to other positive behaviours, such as word of mouth advocacy and often a willingness to go on a metaphorical journey with that company, following and commenting on their every move.

However, organisations nowadays are struggling to capture and bottle this loyalty and retaining customers is consistently...

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Why collaboration is at the heart of any brand success

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We have been doing a lot of thinking recently at Platform. With the move to our new offices in the heart of the South Lanes in Brighton has come the opportunity to think differently, to do differently and to draw the lines around how we want to work, what works for us and what good looks like for us.

As part of the move, we have had to drill down into what makes our brand, our team and our work successful; in other words, our point of difference from our competitors and how we give...

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Why mobile marketing strategies must focus on cross-device behaviour


Brands and retailers must invest in a mobile marketing strategy that meets the needs of consumers and what they want across all devices if they are to be successful this year.

The Q4 2015 State of Mobile Commerce Report from Criteo showed that in the last quarter of 2015 mobile transactions grew 15% on the year before and made up 30% of all ecommerce transactions.

The study showed that smartphones are becoming the mobile purchase device of choice, accounting for the majority of mobile...

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Brands warned: Deliver more relevant mobile advertising or lose engagement


Mobile advertising has long been in a tricky position – advertisers love it since it delivers the message on the go directly into the consumers’ hands but consumers often view it as intrusive, annoying and overpowering. Getting the right mobile advertising strategy is critical – especially since a new report suggests the need for advertisers to deliver more creative and relevant mobile advertising is more important than ever. Those advertisers that fail to take...

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