Lessons in building a brand from the former CEO of EE


Changing a brand or introducing a new brand can be an expensive and risky adventure. It’s an area where the success stories are sparse. 

was lucky enough to lead a team through one of them; the launch of EE. 

Some of the decisions we took go against the stated...

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How to avoid brand fatigue and stay relevant


The relationship between your brand and the customer is susceptible to change. Loyalty is short lived and customers are easily distracted. Unless you keep up with the market’s ever-changing needs and habits, something better will come along and your brand will, inevitably, get dumped.

Where once your brand inspired fond feelings and thrilled its customers, brand fatigue evokes the opposite. It doesn’t happen overnight, but if left unchecked it can damage your business beyond...

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Why gamification could be the answer to your marketing woes

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It’s not often you leave your office in the City and see suited and booted business professionals immersed in their mobile phones, searching for an invisible object. Nor is it the case that teenagers have been excitable about leaving the house to go on a wild-goose chase, rather than watching the newest episode of Made in Chelsea.

Then came Pokémon Go.

Only a couple a months ago we saw the launch of this viral game and people headed out to the streets in a bid to hunt all the Pikachus...

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Lush, first direct and Amazon top customer experience brand list - but why?


Financial institution first direct has topped the list of brands which excel in consumer experience in the UK.

KPMG Nunwood’s 7th customer experience analysis report this year took a look at over 280 brands and 10,000 customer reviews to narrow down exemplar 20 companies in the UK who were treating their customers the best.

While in general KPMG says there has been an...

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DMEXCO: A recap from last week's marketing expo


If you have not been to DMEXCO (the Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference), it is difficult to describe; colleagues who had been before described it as 'a digital jumble sale' and 'everyone you’ve ever heard of, all in one place'.

All of these proved true on our visit to Cologne last week. More than anywhere else, DMEXCO embodies the continued explosion in marketing technologies and digital capability, with over 1,000 exhibitors from automotive, augmented reality and search, through to...

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Work with creatives to get your branded content noticed, urges Yahoo

As a journalist, I tweet a lot. So much so, that many of my tweets and posts don't get more than perhaps one or two likes and retweets on average. 

Occasionally, I'll share something though that gets liked, shared and retweeted off the charts - and it's interesting to analyse what kinds of posts they are. 

I can share work I've done over and over - but ultimately, it's tweets that connect with my audience of followers that will get the most attention. In recent times, it's been a Roald Dahl quote...

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Why marketers should be thinking about brand reputation management


In the fast-moving, always-connected landscape of social media and the online press, brand reputation management can be challenging to say the least. Hundreds of millions of news stories, blogs, social media posts, photos and videos appear online every day.

Keeping track of these conversations is essential, but it’s easier said than done. With so much data coming from everywhere, manual monitoring has become a task that is time-consuming and counterproductive at best.


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What marketers can learn from Sainsbury's #MealDeal rebrand


Sainsburys faced some interesting social media comments today via Twitter, as it revamped and rebranded its lunchtime meal deal offering. 

According to its official Twitter feed, it has changed packaging, ingredients and the items available in a £3 meal deal as of today.

Its 'On the Go' products are now fresher, more varied and include more choice for consumers, its Twitter feed claims, but many tweets suggest that their usual products have been...

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Video, pictures or VR: The best options for brand storytelling

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When was the last time you clicked through a Facebook ad? For most of us, it’s actually quite tricky question to answer despite using the social media service on a daily basis.

The fact is even targeted audience technologies that are deemed sophisticated within the industry are still viewed by consumers as an annoyance and a barrier to their desired content.

According to LinkedIn, 4.6 billion pieces of content are produced every day and in many cases these simply...

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eSports: What's next for brand sponsorship now gaming’s gone mainstream?


Manchester City hit headlines earlier this year for its latest signing: an 18-year-old star who will never have to kick a football. Kieran Brown is the club’s first official eGamer, and will represent The Sky Blues at international eSports tournaments and fan events.

Far from a one off, it follows similar signings by West Ham and German side Wolfsberg, confirming that eSports has well and truly gone mainstream. 

And it’s not just in football that eSports is becoming big...

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