How social media is like a tattoo

It’s fair to say that the generation who are just starting secondary school are facing a world that will forever be connected to the internet, forever looking anything up that they wish.
But from now, all the way through to the time that they retire, they will be involved in social media, posting videos, liking pages, tweeting for perhaps 60 to 70 years. That amount of information is amazing. It’s virtually a whole life that is reflected on the internet. It’s a second life.
However, just imagine your...

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Social business: Before you publish, press pause and think

online reputation

I want you to think about the following for a moment:

  • The last tweet you sent.
  • The last blog post you published.
  • The last marketing email you sent.
  • The last blog comment you made.
  • The last Facebook status you wrote.

First impressions count

Each of those actions, could easily be someone’s first exposure to you. If so, it will form their first impression of you. First...

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5 steps to increase the success of all your written marketing

Today’s post will show you a way to massively improve the effectiveness of any important content you write. It will also show you how to avoid one of the most common and damaging copy writing errors.

5 steps

Stop limiting your options

Most people will write their initial piece of content, call it their draft copy, then...

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HMV tweets their own sacking

In the UK, the social media team at HMV today gave Deloitte, who’d been appointed to deal with the administration of the company, a lesson in crisis management when they live tweeted their own sacking (click to enlarge image).

At just past 13.25 HMV’s official and verified Twitter account sent out the following tweet: “We’re tweeting live from HR where we’re all being fired! Exciting!!

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Thought your LinkedIn profile was original? Think again...

By Amy@BubbleJobsHere at Bubble we’re always banging on about how important your LinkedIn profile is. A bit like your online CV, your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things an employer will take a look at when they get your application, particularly if you’re looking for a job in the digital sector, so needless to say it’s pretty essential.

What’s that? You’ve been taking our advice and got your LinkedIn profile looking all ship-shape and dandy? Well we’ve got some bad news for...

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