Thought your LinkedIn profile was original? Think again...

By Amy@BubbleJobsHere at Bubble we’re always banging on about how important your LinkedIn profile is. A bit like your online CV, your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things an employer will take a look at when they get your application, particularly if you’re looking for a job in the digital sector, so needless to say it’s pretty essential.

What’s that? You’ve been taking our advice and got your LinkedIn profile looking all ship-shape and dandy? Well we’ve got some bad news for...

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What is the difference between a CV and your LinkedIn profile?

What's the difference between a CV and your LinkedIn profile?

Usually your resumé or curriculum vitae (CV) wouldn’t be more than two pages and might only be viewed by potential employers that you’ve specifically sent it to. A LinkedIn profile however can be as long as you want and it’s in the public eye for everyone and/or anyone to see.

LinkedIn profiles are used primarily for networking, whereas resumés are used to land employment. LinkedIn profiles have headshots, whereas...

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How much is inertia costing you and your business?

Today’s post is about the cost to small business owners of inertia.

I’m referring to those things we know we ‘should’ be doing for our businesses, but decide for whatever reason to keep putting off.

Dentists know all about the cost of inertia

Ask a dentist what happens if someone gets a cracked tooth and decides to leave it, rather than going...

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What every business owner needs to know about respect

Today, I’d like to share a simple, yet powerful idea with you from the 1936 classic book; How to win friends and influence people.

The book’s author, Dale Carnegie, said; ‘Show respect for the other person’s opinion. Never say, “you’re wrong!” to them.’

You’re right and they may be too!

If we fully believe that our opinion is correct, we need to be mindful that it is still just...

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5 reasons your global website is a flop

Your company’s website is one of the most important aspects of your global brand. It’s what you sell, what you provide, and what you know.

And, most importantly, what you are - all pressed into a few pages. Some master it in one language, but what about two languages? Or even ten languages?

While working with companies to roll out their global website, there are a lot of localisation best practices, common advice and guidance we tend to share - including what you DON’T want to do if...

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Beware tweets which go unanswered, says Gartner

It’s good practice to respond to all requests and enquiries via social media channels of course, but according to analysts Gartner not replying to tweets and Facebook messages could be more costly than you think.

According to Gartner, “for organisations that use social media to promote their products, responding to enquiries via social media channels will be the new minimum level of response expected”.

Further, Gartner forecast that refusing to communicate by social media could be as harmful...

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Social media: don't jump on sensitive #hashtags

However tempting it may be to give your tweet an extra push by affixing a trending hashtag, it’s worth reiterating that to keep your image above water it needs to be both relevant and appropriate.

Whereas you can arguably get away with not adhering to the first one, if you don’t abide by the second watch the negative feedback roll in.

This fate befell fashion company Celeb Boutique over the weekend, after one of their tweets appeared to make light of the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado over the fatal...

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