Should you be worried about Google’s upcoming Summer of Love?

By Amy@BubbleJobsUnless you’ve been living under a rock or you’ve been away from home for the last week or so, you’ll have already heard that the next Penguin update is officially on its way and Google has a whole host of changes planned that might/will affect the SEO industry in 2013.

I covered everything Matt Cutts mentioned in his webmaster video on Tuesday so I’m not going to go through all that again. Instead, I...

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Marketing the intangible: Why some tech stories are born smart

How do you market something that your consumer can’t touch, taste, or smell? This is the question that tech marketers have to answer daily.

The most successful do it by creating a story that stars their customers in the role of the hero. As a tech marketer, if you learn the principles of better storytelling, you can transport your potential clients “magically” into the world of your technology and share an experience with them — all through a story.

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Why you need to focus on Google+ to increase your rankings

More than half of all internet searches are completed through Google and some estimates put the figure even higher than that so if a business wants its website to be visible in search results it needs to use all of the tools and tactics at its disposal – and that includes Google+.

Often referred to as the poorer rival to the Facebook juggernaut, Google+ is actually a powerful and unique tool in the world of content marketing and search engine optimisation. As Google owns both the search engine and the social media network, it stands to reason the two will be closely linked. However, effectively using Google+ as part of a search engine optimisation strategy is still neglected by many brands and their social media agencies. Unlike...

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Cyber security and the billion dollar tweet

AP hacked tweet 230413When the Associated Press’ Twitter feed announced there had been two explosions at the White House leaving President Obama seriously injured, the reaction was rapid and widespread. The Dow dropped an alarming 145 points as the shocking news made its way through the financial markets. Just three minutes later, the world learned that in...

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Manchester United: Brand lessons from Ferguson’s global tribe

With the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson at the end of this football season, Manchester United Football Club will lose their leader, their spokesman and their talisman of almost 27 years.

What Ferguson did brilliantly at Man U was to internalise, and eventually come to represent, the core values buried deep in the club’s DNA. The resulting energy and passion that increasingly radiated out from the core of the club over the past 27 years has played a key role in the creation of what is arguably the most...

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5 legal tips to protect your brand online

As a business owner, protecting your brand should be your top priority. When you’re starting a company it’s a good idea to take the appropriate legal steps to make sure your business is off to a good start. This is true for any company, especially today where companies can experience all sorts of issues online that they wouldn’t have faced years ago. Here are five legal tips that will help you protect your company’s brand online.

Establishing your business

The first step to legally protecting your business is making sure it’s a formally established entity. This means choosing a business structure and setting it up. You can choose to incorporate, set your business up as an LLC, sole proprietorship, or general partnership. It all depends on your needs and which scenario best suits your business. Most states require that you formally...

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5 tips for influencer marketing on social media

By Anna@BubbleJobsWhen it comes to building an online presence, the savviest of social folk know that to stay ahead in today’s evolving Social Media landscape, you must engage with key industry influencers. Have you ever tried to buy Facebook fans or Twitter followers? You’ve found little or no traction right? Right. That’s because it’s pointless. You can’t buy affection and engagement. (Unless of course you’re a wealthy footballer reading this blog and you’re in need of a partner to wine...

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How to deal with customer complaints on social media

By Amy@BubbleJobsHere at Bubble we like to think we have a pretty great social media presence. Anna’s addicted to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and I’m pretty active on Google+ and Twitter too (I fell out with Facebook a while ago, remember?!) and being the sociable bunch that we are, we’re pretty happy to answer any query that gets thrown our way on any of these platforms.

The trick to any great social...

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Regulator shuts down TweetDeck due to accounting irregularities

TweetDeck is a well-known product for many diehard (otherwise known as “power”) users of the popular micro-blogging platform service, Twitter.

So in less than 140 characters, let’s explain the situation: “TweetDeck fails to file financial records, gets ‘dissolved’ by Cardiff-based Companies House”.

Let’s go a little more in-depth. Twitter first bought TweetDeck Ltd in 2011 for a reportedly cool £25 million deal from programmer Iain Dodsworth, maybe going...

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