Local brands most important to UK consumers, report reveals

UK consumers are more likely to put trust in British brands, according to the latest industry survey from customer experience specialist Nunwood, with Amazon the only non-UK company in the top 10 best brands.

The survey, which looked at the 100 most popular brands for UK consumers, saw John Lewis claim the top spot ahead of retailer QVC and bank First Direct, with Amazon – who claimed top spot this time last year – shunted down to fourth.

Marks & Spencer took up two places in the top 10, with...

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BlackBerry CEO steps down, Fairfax takeover bid collapses

BlackBerry has abandoned its plan to sell up to Fairfax Financial Holdings, the Canadian manufacturer’s biggest shareholder.

The “world leader in the mobile communications market”, as described in a press release issued earlier today, announced an investment of $1bn from Fairfax – who have agreed to supply $250m – and other investors.

CEO Thorsten Heins is also to step down, being replaced by former Sybase CEO John S. Chen on an interim basis. The investment deal is expected to...

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Study reveals how eating popcorn nullifies effect of cinema advertising

A new research paper from Cologne University has revealed that cinemagoers who ate popcorn were less likely to feel the effects of advertising than their comrades.

This isn’t to say, however, that advertisers would much prefer movie lovers to eat crisps, chocolate or ice-cream.

The theory, according to the researchers, was that the brain’s “inner speech” – the subconscious act of pronouncing a new name – is disrupted by chewing.

The cinemagoers in the test were divided into...

Will that be all? Burger King’s Satisfries product name review

Okay, hold it, residents of Earth. From the fast food giant who notoriously struggles with their potato offerings comes a bold new product: Satisfries. The folks here at the Catchword office have bantered a lot about the name. It’s on everybody’s mind because there’s a huge sign advertising Satisfries right outside our office door at the Burger King 30 feet away.

Personally, I have conflicting opinions about the name. On one hand, I always smile when I hear someone else...

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YouGov survey notes how Ryanair can improve “macho and abrupt” brand image

A report from polling body YouGov has explained how Ryanair can go on its word and improve its “abrupt culture”, as chief executive Michael O’Neill explained it to shareholders last week.

This comes after the airline was voted the worst brand for customer satisfaction by Which? Magazine, which assessed 100 of the UK’s largest companies.

O’Neill told shareholders at the company’s AGM that he was overseeing a revamp of its customer service, including setting up a new team to...

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Apple world’s most valuable brand, replaces Coca-Cola

Apple has been named the world’s most valuable brand by Interbrand, bringing to an end Coca-Cola’s 13 year unbroken stay at the top of the chart.

The soft drinks manufacturer finished 2013’s result in third position, with Google claiming the silver medal. IBM and Microsoft rounded off the top five.

A relative lack of growth in brand value was what did for Coca-Cola according to Interbrand, the beverage supplier attaining a growth of just 2% compared to Apple’s 28% and Google’s...

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Why Twitter’s IPO announcement has come at a perfect time

It’s been a long time in the works, but Twitter has finally announced that it is to float on the stock market as it prepares its IPO.

As is the way of these things, the news was announced in a tweet from the microblogging platform, whose intention to float comes just over a year after fellow social network Facebook went public.

Twitter wrote last night: “We’ve confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO. This tweet does not...

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eHarmony UK revamps site, reinforces brand value

eHarmony.co.uk has revamped its website with several new features in order to provide a better experience for its customer base, as well as reinforce its brand image.

The new features include changes to the dating site’s famous relationship questionnaire, which is now one-question per page in line with mobile device traffic. Similarly, eHarmony has also launched a more detailed personality analysis, called the ‘Book of You’.

Further, the site now incorporates responsive design, again with a...

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Why technology evangelism is more important than ever for brands

By Theo Priestley, vice president and chief evangelist, Software AG

When Guy Kawasaki became ‘chief evangelist’ at Apple in the 1990s, he started a chain of events which revolutionised what marketing and engagement meant for a brand.

Kawasaki described his role at Apple as, “to protect and preserve the Macintosh cult, by doing whatever I had to do.” He galvanised the company image and its fans at a time when it was seriously flagging.

One of his most successful achievements was the...

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