Wells Fargo downgrades Apple’s rating, shares suffer

Investment bank Wells Fargo has downgraded Apple’s market rating from “outperform” to “market perform”, ensuring 2014 will not start well for Cupertino.

The news evidently sent ripples around the marketplace, with Apple’s shares dropping as much as 1.4pc in early trading yesterday.

The reason for the downgrade, according to the bank, was a combination of a lack of disposable income for consumers, as well as slower expectations on the to-be-released iPhone 6.

Yet it’s...

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Intel ‘inside’: £15m sponsorship deal with FC Barcelona announced

Intel has announced a $25m (£15m) global sponsorship deal with Spanish football giant Barcelona – with the company’s logo being printed inside the Barcelona shirt.

The move will see Barcelona become “one of the most technologically advanced football clubs in [the] world”, according to Intel head of marketing Deborah Conrad.

Barcelona players won’t be forced into wearing Intel’s logo, but the overall idea is for players to lift up their shirts to reveal the logo when...

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If I had a million Bitcoins… turning virtual currency into PR gold

BitcoinHistorically, global economies have had multiple forms of currency. Beyond traditional money or cold hard cash, we’ve had the barter system, commodity-backed currencies, and now we have virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin.

One of the most frequently asked questions about Bitcoin is, “What exactly is it?” 

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More than one in three brands have “no idea” where their ads appear

The latest research, this time from Project Sunblock, has revealed that more than a third of brands are unaware about where their advertising content is appearing.

Overall, around 7.78 billion display advertising impressions are put alongside the more nefarious areas of the web, from phishing and malware to violence, pornography and illegal drugs.

The figures conclude that approximately £2.4bn is spent on advertising that “could end up anywhere”, with almost two thirds (62%) of marketers...

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Brands have only got 71 seconds to secure customer loyalty, report warns

Brands have on average only 71 seconds before the consumer has made their mind up about what to expect from them, a new survey has found.

The report from cloud platform LivePerson, entitled ‘Connecting With Customers’ which polled over 6,000 consumers across four continents, also revealed that more than two thirds (67%) of consumers shopping online have received no reply from retailers after firing off a support email, with over half of cases not being resolved on the first email reply.

What does...

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Yahoo! starts domain name auction, clearing out lots of real estate

Roll up, roll up. Yahoo! is for one week only clearing out over 500 domain names built up over the years – with prices ranging from $100 to $1.5m.

The event, dubbed ‘Domainapalooza’, runs until November 21 and according to Kevin Kramer, deputy general counsel, once the company had stumbled upon these URLs, it was only fair to let other companies use them rather than hog the real estate.

“Surely creative people, businesses and entrepreneurs could come up with something great to do with them,”...

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Local brands most important to UK consumers, report reveals

UK consumers are more likely to put trust in British brands, according to the latest industry survey from customer experience specialist Nunwood, with Amazon the only non-UK company in the top 10 best brands.

The survey, which looked at the 100 most popular brands for UK consumers, saw John Lewis claim the top spot ahead of retailer QVC and bank First Direct, with Amazon – who claimed top spot this time last year – shunted down to fourth.

Marks & Spencer took up two places in the top 10, with...

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BlackBerry CEO steps down, Fairfax takeover bid collapses

BlackBerry has abandoned its plan to sell up to Fairfax Financial Holdings, the Canadian manufacturer’s biggest shareholder.

The “world leader in the mobile communications market”, as described in a press release issued earlier today, announced an investment of $1bn from Fairfax – who have agreed to supply $250m – and other investors.

CEO Thorsten Heins is also to step down, being replaced by former Sybase CEO John S. Chen on an interim basis. The investment deal is expected to...

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Study reveals how eating popcorn nullifies effect of cinema advertising

A new research paper from Cologne University has revealed that cinemagoers who ate popcorn were less likely to feel the effects of advertising than their comrades.

This isn’t to say, however, that advertisers would much prefer movie lovers to eat crisps, chocolate or ice-cream.

The theory, according to the researchers, was that the brain’s “inner speech” – the subconscious act of pronouncing a new name – is disrupted by chewing.

The cinemagoers in the test were divided into...

Will that be all? Burger King’s Satisfries product name review

Okay, hold it, residents of Earth. From the fast food giant who notoriously struggles with their potato offerings comes a bold new product: Satisfries. The folks here at the Catchword office have bantered a lot about the name. It’s on everybody’s mind because there’s a huge sign advertising Satisfries right outside our office door at the Burger King 30 feet away.

Personally, I have conflicting opinions about the name. On one hand, I always smile when I hear someone else...

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