5 email marketing pitfalls to avoid

As with all things in life, in email marketing there are a lot of things you can learn from the mistakes you made. Even better though, is to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Here are five email marketing mistakes other people already made, so you don’t have to:

1. Sending emails with a vague ‘from’ address

Your recipients are swamped in emails every day, many of them being tossed in the trashcan without so much as even getting a glance.

People have grown to become vigilant when it...

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Four effective ways to protect your blog content

Content Protection

Content scraping is one of the biggest challenges facing the blogosphere. No matter how hard ones tries to protect their content, scrapers will find a way to steal it. This can be disturbing, considering that your content is all over the web, with no credit for your efforts. Sometimes, stolen content might even outrank your own...

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5 SEO pitfalls that you still might be making

SEO Pitfalls

Whether you are optimizing your site alone or getting help from others, staying abreast of recent algorithm changes is a vital measure to take. You should be constantly overhauling your strategies and revising your campaigns to reflect new requirements. This is vital for avoiding costly penalties, but it will also help you to get better returns on your investments of money and time. Following...

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Creating a company wide social media policy

Social Media Policy

Social media is in full flight these days, and companies are scrambling to figure out the best ways to use the channel to engage prospects, without having to devote a significant amount of bandwidth to do so. Companies both large and small are actively trying to use social media to increase their brand awareness and build their online...

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5 tips for building a ‘personal brand’ online

By Amy@BubbleJobsAs avid readers of this blog will already know, here at Bubble I’m always going on about how important your digital footprint is when it comes to finding a new job and your career in general. I know I’m constantly warning you to watch what you tweet and post on your social networks and you’re probably pretty sick of it – but this week I was proven right, when the Britain’s first youth crime commissioner got the boot...

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How social media is like a tattoo

It’s fair to say that the generation who are just starting secondary school are facing a world that will forever be connected to the internet, forever looking anything up that they wish. But from now, all the way through to the time that they retire, they will be involved in social media, posting videos, liking pages, tweeting for perhaps 60 to 70 years. That amount of information is amazing. It’s virtually a whole life that is reflected on the internet. It’s a second life. However,...

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Social business: Before you publish, press pause and think

online reputation

I want you to think about the following for a moment:

  • The last tweet you sent.
  • The last blog post you published.
  • The last marketing email you sent.
  • The last blog comment you made.
  • The last Facebook status you wrote.

First impressions count

Each of those actions, could easily be someone’s first exposure to you. If so, it will form their first impression of you. First...

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