Most customers don’t want companies to use AI for customer service

64% of customers would prefer that companies did not use artificial intelligence (AI) in their customer service.

This is according to a survey by analyst firm Gartner, which also found that 53% of customers would consider switching to a competitor if they found out a company was going to use AI for customer service.

A Gartner survey of 5,728 customers conducted in December 2023 revealed that while customer service leaders are eager to adopt AI, customers remain concerned...

Swedish AI startup Hypertype bags €600k to supercharge customer support

Hypertype, a female-founded customer communication automation startup, has successfully raised €600,000 (£506,500) in a recent fundraising round, further boosting Sweden's growing AI landscape.

The investment, spearheaded by Butterfly Ventures and Bust, indicates increasing faith in AI-powered solutions for improving customer care and sales processes.

Established in 2021 by Teenie Fung and Beatrice Baltscheffsky, Hypertype has quickly established itself as a mere AI...

Shopify broadens its AI feature suite to engage more businesses

Shopify broadens its AI feature suite to engage more businesses

Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify has made its AI-backed tools more widely available in a push to expand the types of services it offers.

The company unveiled this expansion at its biannual product event on Monday, making Sidekick more accessible and enhancing its suite of features with an improved image generation tool to increase its appeal and drive revenue.

One exciting piece of news is that this editing tool will now also work on mobile devices and has been...

Brandwatch 2024 Digital Marketing: Marketers Embracing AI

At the beginning of the year, we released our Digital Marketing Trends 2024 report, which covers the biggest trends that are shaking up and shaping the digital marketing industry today. This report is backed by social data, statistics, and survey data taken from over 500 marketing experts. You can download the full report here. Let's dive into one trend that's on all marketers' minds: embracing AI.       

Mentions of AI are everywhere. Game-changing companies, such as...

WeArisma launches AI visual search technology to drive creativity in marketing strategies 

Earned media analytics company, WeArisma, has launched what it describes as a groundbreaking AI-powered visual search solution to revolutionise how brands discover influential sources to partner with.

This solution is designed to unlock unprecedented search possibilities and drive creativity and efficiency in marketing strategies. 

Powered by WeArisma’s unparalleled global earned media data, the intelligent AI technology delves beyond limited keyword searches by...

49% of consumers believe they can distinguish between traditional and AI ads on CTV

49% of consumers are confident they can distinguish ads generated by AI versus traditional methods, with nearly half (49%) stating they do not care whether an ad was made using AI or traditional methods as long as it looks authentic.

That’s according to new insights released today by LG Ad Solutions, to determine consumer perceptions and preferences towards the use of AI in CTV advertising.

Ed Wale, VP International at LG Ad Solutions, said: “Consumer appreciation...

64% of Brits in favour of Gen AI marketing

Almost two-thirds (64%) of consumers feel personalised recommendations are important and nearly a third (30%) go as far as to say that personalised recommendations are one of the top ways that brands can improve their overall digital experience. 

However, consumers say greater personalisation must not come at the expense of privacy and data governance with 92% citing that brands must use their data responsibly. 

This is according to Adobe's Digital Trends Report,...

The future of digital commerce

Digital commerce is exploding. WARC’s latest report ‘The future of digital commerce’ looks at trends in four areas that are having a profound impact on the future of this dynamic, complex and hyper-competitive space:

Retail media Omnichannel marketing AI Cloud-based data clean rooms

The report provides an overarching view of what the future holds and what marketers need to do today to prepare for it. Download your complimentary sample report...

How B2C marketers can tap into fresh marketing insights with generative AI

How B2C marketers can tap into fresh marketing insights with generative AI If you are a B2C marketer or brand manager, learning what gen AI can do is a crucial step to stay ahead of competitors in a saturated market.

1. Learn about the state of generative AI in marketing  B2C marketers say implementing consumer insights in decision-making is a top challenge. Some common barriers to insights-driven decisions are: 

● Siloed data: Internal silos and poor integration...

Google introduces advanced AI advertising tools at Marketing Live

Google introduces advanced AI advertising tools at Marketing Live event

Google's new creative tools and immersive ad formats made a big impact on digital marketing at Google Marketing Live.

The annual event was in full swing in New York, where the search giant unveiled numerous innovations. These game-changing advancements provide marketers with new ways to interact with consumers and enhance their advertising campaigns.

Among the most notable introductions is a new search ad experience currently undergoing testing, with plans for wider...