One-to-one Real Time personalisation, right here, right now

Relevance is a word much used in marketing circles, dare I say overly so in recent years. The message which is of relevance, engaging and effective will truly resonate with readers as opposed to those that are generic and un-targeted.

The value of relevant messaging is not rocket science and neither is the actual execution of one-to-one real-time personalisation. Yet there is still confusion surrounding how real-time but relevant messages can be delivered to individuals.

The main necessity when it comes to...

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Super Bowl commercial wrap 2013: Extending reach via social and search

Posted by Dan Malachowski, Senior Strategist, Strategy & Analytics

This year, the big moment for many Super Bowl advertisers wasn’t when their ads actually aired during the game.  It was the days leading up to the game, where advertisers generated massive engagement on YouTube and Twitter.  This post illustrates how brands spurred this pre-game buzz, inspiring participants to view and share commercials.  It also highlights how Super Bowl advertisers did (and didn’t) extend the reach of...

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Advertising: Digital is dead – long live digital

By Shrikant Latkar, VP of Marketing, InMobi

The exponential growth in internet usage has led to traditional forms of advertising such as print and TV gradually losing share of wallet to digital advertising. The latter is highly targeted, results in a higher percentage of conversions, is far more cost effective, and hence offers higher return on investment.

Digital advertising also has a positive effect on branding as it exposes a product to a large worldwide audience. The $80 billion digital advertising...

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Do US marketers know more acronyms than their UK counterparts?

According to Adform’s CMO, European marketers aren’t afraid of new online display ad technology – “just the wrapper it comes in”.

Following previous research from display marketing specialists Adform examining marketers’ knowledge of online advertising acronyms; it appears that the US is more clued up on the key terms than their UK counterparts.

Adform’s research, taken from a poll of 120 delegates at...

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Why Internet Explorer 10 could change digital marketing forever

Do Not Track is a technology and policy proposal that enables users to opt out, by default or otherwise, of tracking by websites they do not visit, including analytics services, advertising networks, and social platforms.

This is something that has caused quite some controversy in our industry, but what is the background to this story and how did it come about?

In 2007, several US consumer advocacy groups asked the Federal Trade Commission to create a Do Not Track...

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Global mobile ad impression report shows 'two horse race'

Apple and Samsung are locked in a two horse race to dominate the smartphone advertising market, with nine of the top ten devices in terms of mobile ad impressions attributed to the two manufacturers.

Adfonic, which serves over 100 billion global ad impressions a month, drew the data from its global ad network, and claims in its latest Global AdMetrics report that both firms increased their market share over Q3.

Apple and Samsung devices accounted for nine of the top ten by share of ad impressions, and the...

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Which browser has the best advertising CTR? [infographic]

A new piece of research from Chitika Insights has given a surprising verdict: Opera browser users click on the most ads, with Safari in second place.

The research, which covered “hundreds of millions of U.S and Canadian online ad impressions”, found that Opera on average had a click through rate (CTR) of 2.12%, with Safari Mobile (1.54%) and Internet Explorer (1.14%) comprising the top three. Chrome came last with 0.54% CTR – 0.51% for iOS.

Perhaps surprisingly, the CTR acronym was only recognised by 77%...

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3 ways publishers and advertisers can optimise display ad strategy

The online display industry is attracting some deserved attention, following figures from Forrester which predict that the marketing investment in this space will increase by 17 per cent year on year in the US until 2017 – closely followed by Europe.

Obviously, marketers want to maximise return on investment on their increased online display investment, while publishers need to maximise the new opportunities presented to them as a result. Against this backdrop, a win-win situation can be engineered for...

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