Why marketers need to delve deeper than retargeting to stay relevant

Imagine a 46-year-old married father of two being approached by a shop assistant to talk about this season’s range of dresses, or an 80-year-old lady about the latest football boots.

They may be highly unlikely to want to know more or make a purchase, and it might even cause annoyance.

Likewise, they may feel slightly peeved if during their next holiday they were disturbed by someone trying to sell them a stay in the exact same hotel they were currently staying in.

They would also consider it a little...

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Meaningful brands matter: A look at 2016’s Christmas adverts

For years now, the public has looked forward to the launch of Christmas adverts from the world’s biggest retailers. For some, the feeling is that Christmas has not properly started until Coca-Cola’s classic ‘Holidays are coming’ advert has aired.

In more recent years, it has been the John Lewis adverts that have best captured the hearts and imaginations of the public. However this year we have seen a...

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UK advertising investment set to grow to £18.8bn in 2017

Investments in the UK advertising industry will be worth over £18.8bn in 2017, with the sector set to enjoy its eighth successive year of growth.

Media investment management business GroupM has released its forecast for the year ahead in advertising, and predicted that the industry will grow up from 6.3% to 7.2% in 2016, and 7.2% in 2017.

While digital display will rise 15% next year, particularly into social media and video, GroupM's outlook for traditional media is set to decline slightly.

We are...

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There's more to Christmas content than John Lewis ads, research says

It just isn't Christmas in the UK without John Lewis' heart-rending TV advert, but new research shows that content runs deeper than television jingles. 

Festive pictures are indeed the most popular Christmas-related online content, according to reserach by RadiumOne, followed by videos, present ideas and sales and promotions. 

According to the research, advertisements feature seventh along the ladder, alongside Christmas wishlists. 

Sales, promotions and present ideas will each be shared by about...

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Adobe launches AI tool to improve digital experiences


Adobe has launched a new set of services for improving the design and deliverability of digital experiences for marketers: Adobe Sensei. 

It's a fitting term for the team - and means 'master' or 'teacher' in Japanese - as Sensei aims to help tackle complex experience challenges, such as image matching, understanding meaning and sentiment of documents and using AI and machine learning to target audience segments.

The tool will be built into the company's cloud offerings, such as Adobe...

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eBay Advertising: The future of adspend is bright, and it's digital

(c)iStock/Jacob Ammentorp Lund

News over the last few months seems to have been dominated by the doom and gloom resonating from Britain’s 'shock' vote to leave the EU.

It was therefore refreshing to read in recent reports from both IPA Bellwether and the IAB that ad spend in the UK has increased by 5.1% during the first half of the year to £10bn.

But it’s certainly not all plain sailing from here, and despite the year’s success to date, the advertising industry can’t afford to...

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Why it’s not about humans vs. machines in ad tech


Over half a century ago, Alan Turing battled with the profound question of whether machines might one day think like humans. Today, evidence of artificial intelligence can be found in the pockets of every smartphone owner. From simply performing a Google search based on past searches, to services like Netflix which provide the viewer with relevant film recommendations, machines demonstrate how they are effectively learning our interests, preferences and behaviours.

However, the perception of...

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How Generation C is turning marketing upside down

Picture credit: Lobster

Cast your mind way back into the past, when segmentation was easy. A time when marketers would safely assume a whole array of collective traits based on something as a simple as an age group. Baby boomers valued individual choice, Generation X were results-driven and Generation Y craved changed.

Compare that with today, where consumer data is seemingly everywhere. We know where our customers are, what they’re eating, what they buy and who they know. And perhaps most importantly,...

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RadiumOne launches ad quality division


Ad quality is hot on the agenda at the moment, and marketing tech business RadiumOne is launching a new division centred around exactly this. 

The company will aim to improve the creative quality of ads served via programmatic with its Creative Solutions division. It will ensure that the mechanics of how ad exchanges assess and deliver ads are more heavily factored into the process of creating ads - as well as being creative with ad formats.

This will mean that ads are less likely to...

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Google introduces click-to-message function on search ads


Customers can now click on search ads to text message brands thanks to a new feature from the tech giant.

Google introduced click-to-message ads this week to make it easier for brands and customers to interact via SMS.

This must be switched on by setting up a messaging extension and will be available in the ‘coming weeks’.

As always, the new Google feature is backed up by stats: 65% of consumers said they would...

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